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About Feedzai

Feedzai is an AI-powered risk management platform that specializes in fraud prevention and protection from financial crime. It focuses largely on established banks and financial institutions.

Complete fraud protection can be costly; get SEON and stop fraud fast without breaking the bank.

Stop fraud before it happens by leveraging AI-driven insights for sharper decision-making, ensuring a frictionless customer experience – all at a fraction of the cost of Feedzai. SEON’s in-depth device intelligence and digital footprinting provide a unique and bulletproof fraud solution.

End-to-End Value Without Impacting Your Bottom Line

The Value of Real-Time Digital and Social Signals

Examining a customer’s digital and social signals, or their ‘digital footprint,’ can be a powerful way to measure fraud risk. They tell us a lot about a customer in lightning-fast time. These alternative data sources come in especially handy when traditional credit data is unavailable, a common scenario with the younger generation and in underbanked regions. Here are a few examples of digital and social signals that help you assess creditworthiness. 

  • Access to Spotify, Disney+, Netflix = The customer is paying regular subscriptions
  • Use of LinkedIn = Likelihood of employment (which can be manually verified)
  • An account with Airbnb = The customer has passed Airbnb’s KYC check
  • The customer has a limited digital footprint = the average email is linked to about 8-10 online accounts; significantly fewer signals present risk

SEON vs Feedzai

  • Feedzai: Very limited digital and social checks leveraging historical and purchased data
  • SEON: Industry-leading 90+ digital and social checks, uses real-time data for a full and up-to-date picture of your customer

Biometric Behavioral Data vs. Device Intelligence

Behavioral biometrics is a technology for authenticating users based on their behavior patterns. It identifies unique, individual characteristics in how people type and interact with their mobile devices or computers, like keystroke dynamics and cursor movement. 

While that sounds impressive most people interact with their phones differently in numerous scenarios e.g. sitting down, drinking a coffee or switching hands making it less accurate at identifying genuine users in detecting fraud. Other issues that arise are common with biometrics are:

  • Vulnerable to spoofing
  • Not as Accurate Fraud Pattern Recognition
  • Lacks Device Adaptability
  • Intrusive & not Privacy-Friendly

SEON leverages the analysis of hundreds of device data points, complemented by our finely-tuned scoring algorithm. This robust system rapidly identifies suspicious tools, setups, and settings across both desktop and mobile devices, all based on specific characteristics discovered by our data science team in their exprience of fraud and bot attempts. This enhanced capability provides improved accuracy in detecting fraudulent activities, large-scale bot attempts, associating users with their devices, and uncovering multiple accounts originating from a single device.

SEON vs Feedzai

  • Feedzai: Behavioral biometrics
  • SEON: Device Intelligence

In-house Data = Accurate Fraud Prevention

Feedzai’s approach to risk management relies heavily on purchased historical data, but it lacks crucial insights into the timing and rationale behind risk decisions. By solely relying on pre-existing datasets, Feedzai may encounter limitations in understanding the dynamic nature of risk factors and the context in which decisions were made. Without this real-time visibility into the decision-making process, Feedzai may struggle to adapt promptly to emerging threats or to accurately assess the evolving landscape of fraud and security risks.

SEON was built as a complete platform and gathers data in real-time – with over 90 digital and social signals and deep device intelligence – SEON leverages this data across the customer journey to validate and protect every user interaction on your platform. 

SEON vs Feedzai

  • Feedzai: Externally sourced historical data
  • SEON: Internally gathered real-time data

End-to-end Solution to Scale with your Business

With SEON you get a complete platform from the start, meaning no feature gating and extra integration times or cost. SEON gives you the ability to customize your platform without the use of external product engineers who incur costly and lengthy feature addition contracts, eating into your bottom line. SEON’s API approach is flexible around your system, unlike Feedzai’s lengthy integration process which requires your company to change its processes and data signals to work

SEON boasts over 100+ top-class engineers and industry-specific blueprints for various customer journeys and was designed as an all-in-one solution, allowing you to scale your fraud solution effortlessly. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, we support clients in every vertical. 

SEON vs Feedzai

  • Feedzai: Works primarily with enterprise
  • SEON: Covers all-size companies

Disclaimer: Everything you’ll read in this article was gleaned from online research and existing industry knowledge, including user reviews. We did not manually test every tool. This article was last updated in Q1 2024. Please feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

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