MrQ Identifies Fraudsters They Didn’t Know Existed

MrQ Identifies Fraudsters They Didn’t Know Existed

Stacey Pickering

MrQ wanted to reduce the number of fraudsters who were signing up to abuse their bonus policy.

They decided to leverage SEON’s device intelligence for deep device data insights, digital footprinting for fast, lightweight KYC and AI suggested rules.

This resulted in a 10% decrease in bonus abusers and more visibility of new players signing up.

About MrQ

Licensing and operating a white label bingo or casino site can be a frustrating experience. It was certainly how the MrQ team felt until they came up with an idea: what if the company could develop and control its own platform?

Launched in 2018, MrQ was designed to offer online games with a great customer experience, and in a safe, friendly environment. And for a while, it seemed as if all the stars were aligned for this new, fun and fast-growing platform.

That is until MrQ took on some consultants who demonstrated how vulnerable they could be and how much risk they faced with cash bonuses on offer.

Fraudsters Lurking Amongst Users’ Ranks.


They found that there were fraudsters lurking amongst their users’ ranks, Stacey-Leigh Pickering, Head of Operations at MrQ explains:

We thought we had everything covered because we understood the nuances of our business, platform and users. But we discovered so many layers of fraud, from friendly to extreme. We realised how exposed we were.

One key challenge was that, as a new platform, MrQ had little historical data to reference. They are still extremely data-driven, of course, but there were certainly blindspots in their risk strategy, especially considering the liability of offering cash-based bonuses.


After their fraud consultant recommended SEON, MrQ decided to look at complementing their own Business Intelligence system with an extra pair of digital eyes. “Once SEON was up and running we started to see around 10% of signups were potential multi-accounts looking to abuse our offers.”

“We are very data-led, and there were still points our system didn’t pick up. So we started complementing it with SEON. Together the tools create a sophisticated real-time events engine.”

Eliminate Bonus Abuse & Multi-Accounting by up to 90%

Identify fraudsters, and stay ahead of emerging fraud techniques. Saving your team time and resource, to focus on growing revenue.

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The Modern and Polished Interface is also Praised by the Team


Decrease in bonus abuse

The modern and polished interface is also praised by the team, but more importantly, it’s SEON’s device Intelligence enhanced by clear Whitebox ML to verify customers’ legitimacy that helps MrQ win the day.


MrQ has enhanced its analysis capabilities across the entire customer journey. Starting with onboarding, utilizing over 90 digital and social signals through digital footprinting. And by integrating custom rules and leveraging device intelligence, SEON offers more precise insights into deposits, withdrawals and transactions using specific data points from customer devices all without any added friction.

“It wasn’t just the technology that’s great though, the education side of things helped us understand the types of tactics and patterns used by fraudsters and put rules into place to prevent them.”

Now when it comes to multi-accounting and cash-based bonus abuse, MrQ has visibility. They were operating in the dark, now they can stay two steps ahead of the people trying to abuse their platform and processes.

With SEON’s help, we aim to eliminate bonus abuse and multi-accounting.

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Stacey Pickering
Head of Operations

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