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We know fraudsters change their attack techniques based on your business model. This is why SEON lets you implement fraud protection the way it makes sense for your company.

End-to-End Fraud Prevention Solution
Need one-click data enrichment via a Chrome plugin or modular REST APIs? Or do you prefer a complete end-to-end solution that leverages whitebox Machine Learning, Device fingerprinting technologies, GUI and predictive risk scoring? We’ve got you covered.
Don’t let fraudsters take the upper hand. See our full range of fraud detection tools, and keep an eye on this space for upcoming innovative products - built for fraud protection teams, by fraud protection experts.
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SEON Intelligence tool

One-click data enrichment based on a single email, IP, phone, or location. Get a complete picture of your users, directly via a browser extension.

Email Module

IP Module

Phone Module

  • IP analysis module

    Flag suspicious VPNs, TOR users and risky locations in seconds. Analyze IP addresses to see where users really login from.

  • Email analysis module

    Filter out fake users through deep social media profiling and domain cross checking. Flag fraudsters and only signup legitimate customers.

  • Phone number analysis module

    Validate user identity based on their phone number. Perform near instant background checks to ensure you’re dealing with the right customer.

Sense platform against fraud

SEON Sense Platform

The complete end-to-end, fraud fighting platform. Harness the power of Machine Learning through the most sophisticated Admin Panel to gain the upper hand against fraudsters.

Email Module

IP Module

Phone Module

AI Module

Fingerprint Module

Admin Module

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface

    Access all the dashboard tools that let your business fight fraud effectively. Create white and blacklists, custom rules and filters, and harness the power of collaboration, reporting, and analytics.

  • Transparent machine learning

    Enable Predictive Scoring to generate dynamic fraud rules and transparent decision trees. Combine the power of AI with human intelligence to mitigate fraud risk based on your business model.

  • Device identification module

    Reduce account takeovers and multiple account sign ups. Detect device IDs, virtual machines and web browsers to confirm users are who they say they are.


Input data fields
Email analysis
IP analysis
Phone analysis
Location analysis
Device fingerprint
Other transactional data
Decision algorithm
Risk scoring
Custom rules
Machine learning
Analytics tools
Multi-user management
Collaboration features
Integration and interface
Standalone APIs
Complete API suite
Manual queries
Browser extension
Graphical User Interface
Pricing and payment
Billing mode
Payment cycle
Payment method
Intelligence tool search icon

Intelligence Tool

Aiding fraud-related decision making by extensive data enrichment
Tier based pricing
Credit card
Sense Platform against fraud

Sense Platform

Full end-to-end fraud management system
Post cycle payment
Bank transfer or credit card

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