Fraud API

The end-to-end solution depicts all of the relevant fraud vectors on the Admin Panel (GUI).

Hybrid Algorithm

The risk scores are aggregated by the Scoring Engine and Machine Learning models to ensure high catch rates and low false positive rates.

Scoring Engine

With the help of the Scoring Engine, custom rules can be imported and set up in a simple, user-friendly environment. This ensures a total white-box solution.

Feedback Data

Our Label API collects the post-back data from the payment gateway (eg. authorised, cancelled, chargeback) and the engine is retrained based on the new information.

Network of Fraud Patterns

Our clients optionally share fraud patterns and anonymised analysis reports in order to ensure the highest standards of fraud prevention services.

Transaction Analysis

The Fraud API handles 62 pre-defined data fields related to a transaction and an unlimited number of any industry specific custom fields.

Behaviour Analytics

Our API can be implemented to different action points (e.g. signup, login, account edit) to eliminate any type of sophisticated attacks.

Proxy API

The Proxy API generates a risk score associated to a single IP address, revealing any anomalies related to IP spoofing/masking.

ISP and Location verification

The API verifies the location and the riskiness of the Internet Service Provider behind the IP address.

Datacenter identification

In case a user is trying to mask their connection, the Proxy API identifies if the connection is rooting to a data center.

Spam blacklist validation

The IP address is validated by the spam blacklist check process in order to identify any prior anomalies from the certain connection.

Open Port ping

The open ports of the IP address are pinged in order to aid the identification of Proxy, VPN or Tor usage.

Proxy/VPN/TOR identification

Proxy, VPN or TOR usage is immediately identified by the API, unveiling any attempts at masking the connection.


The risk score is generated in real-time by responding in less than 1 second. The scoring is always accurate, providing an in depth picture of all IP address related information.

Email API

The Email API provides the most accurate and insightful e-mail address investigation that exists on the market by applying deep social media profiling and domain verification tools.

Social Media Lookup

The API validates whether the Email address was used to register to major social media platforms.

Detailed Investigation

We aggregate data from various open sources to provide a full 360degree view of a certain e-mail address.

Quick Analysis

The Email API provides relevant information about the domain of an email address.

Real-time Data

All of the information is fetched live. Nothing is pulled from stale, potentially outdated databases.


All of the fetched information is anonymised ensuring that the data providers cannot track the information of our clients. All connections are secured via SSL. No logs and no sensitive data is stored.


The risk score helps block fraudulent users real-time by applying adjustable thresholds. The provided scoring is always accurate and there are no unknown parameters.


Get to know our Email API

Fake and freshly created Email addresses can be quickly filtered with the deep social media profiling, creation date checking and domain verification capabilities of the Email API.

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Device Fingerprinting

The Device Fingerprint tool collects thorough insight about the devices associated to a user. Account takeovers and multiple account signups can easily be avoided by applying the Device Fingerprinting module.

Accurate Device Identification

The device fingerprinting module is able to accurately identify returning visitors based on their previously used device. Even if the user deletes their browser and reinstalls it, the system still identifies the matching data-points.

Lightweight Javascript Snippet

The Device Fingerprint tool collects the information using a JavaScript snippet embedded on the web platform of our client.

Detection of Virtual Machines

The module is able to identify the use of any virtual machines, emulators or advanced fraud tools (e.g. AntiDetect, FraudFox, Multiloginapp).

Unique Hash Generation

Multiple hashes are generated using the accessible thousand of data points from the user's browser and device, which allows cross-browser device fingerprinting.