ViaBill Will Deliver Flexible Payments to More Users Thanks to SEON

ViaBill Will Deliver Flexible Payments to More Users Thanks to SEON

The innovative BNPL continues its rapid expansion in Denmark, Spain, and the US, thanks in part to risk management data provided by SEON’s device fingerprinting.

As a leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) fintech, ViaBill found that giving people access to money easily comes at a cost. Fraudsters abuse the system, and legitimate customers suffer the consequences in the form of lengthy KYC checks and added friction.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to SEON’s invisible device fingerprinting module operating under their business analytics, ViaBill can get a better idea of who they should onboard – while retaining a seamless user experience.

As Claus Linde, SVP Product at ViaBill, put it:

Aside from the technology, what attracted Claus and his team to SEON was the seamless deployment. This was facilitated by a smooth onboarding process, led by our stellar customer success team.

“The boarding experience was so amazing. We felt safe, listened to, and all our product questions were answered clearly – in a completely non-salesy fashion.”

It’s certainly something SEON prides itself on. We’re not just about delivering great results, but also offering them in a flexible way. As Jimmy Fong, CCO of SEON, explained:

“At SEON, we believe in giving transparent answers rather than pushing hard sales. We couldn’t be happier to see that ViaBill operates on the same wavelength, especially at such an exciting time during their global expansion.”

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