SEON Launches Shopify App to Help Fight Fraud

SEON Launches Shopify App to Help Fight Fraud

We’re super excited to release our anti-fraud solution into the world of Shopify!

SEON’s new Shopify app collects order information, enriches the data provided to give a detailed customer profile with a corresponding risk score to help ecommerce merchants prevent fraud.

Using an email address and/or phone number submitted by the customer, merchants can uncover all registered online profiles linked with the address, making it easier to identify real customers.

Merchants can filter out throwaway email addresses registered purely for fraud reasons – more than 70% of fraudulent orders can be traced to have less than two social media profiles with the data provided.

Use device fingerprinting to get a better idea of who your users are and to spot hidden customer connections as well as our data enrichment technology to uncover your users’ complete digital footprint.

Test the validity of an email address, disparities in geolocation-based data, and all this is delivered in a total risk score through our robust scoring engine, assisted by machine learning.

Preset rules for the score can be customized to a business’s needs with the availability of a white or blacklist for specific customers or customer attributes.

With an enhancement on the Shopify fraud prevention & protection already in place, SEON adds another security layer to your shop, radically improving risk assessment accuracy and reducing false declines as well as enabling more stores to move into markets that previously might have been too risky to operate in.

This solution works in conjunction with Shopify’s built-in fraud analysis with declined orders automatically refunded and restocked. Integration can be set up within minutes and works without any necessary input from the user to ensure a frictionless customer experience.

“Since day one, we’ve wanted to give businesses of all sizes the opportunity to access enterprise-grade fraud prevention products,” said Tamas Kadar, CEO

“As cybercriminals continue to develop their techniques, the good guys shouldn’t be the ones falling behind. With SEON, Shopify stores can now use artificial intelligence and advanced behavioral analytics to establish a more sophisticated security setup.”

Pricing can be seen below:

Monthly fee$99$299$999Custom
Order reviews included1,0004,00015,000Custom
Extra fee above the plan$0.13/order$0.10/order$0.07/orderCustom
OnboardingSelf ServeAssistedGuided by customer
Guided by customer
Customer supportKnowledge Base
Email, Chat (48h)
Knowledge Base
Email, Chat (24h)
Knowledge Base, Priority email, Live Chat, ZoomKnowledge Base, Priority email, Live Chat, Zoom, Slack

Since 2014, global eCommerce has risen from $1.3 trillion to $3.5 trillion which has led to an increase in specialized fraudsters.

Releasing an enterprise-grade solution to merchants that work with Shopify will help eliminate chargeback fees as well as lost payments and goods to ultimately help you increase profit.

Built around speed, flexibility, and transparency, the solution can automatically approve or decline orders to improve vendors’ risk management and streamline the manual review process. 

The order data enriched with industry-leading technology, combined with conventional fraud prevention techniques, helps ensure that merchants truly know the customer and therefore improve the order processing time.

SEON is trusted by over 5,000 partners across several industries, including eCommerce, banking, insurance, iGaming, online lending, travel and ticketing, payment institutions, and crypto/trading. 

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