Intelligence Tool Adds New Major Platform Capabilities

Intelligence Tool Adds New Major Platform Capabilities

SEON is pleased to introduce a range of new platforms for the phone and email API-based solution, the SEON Intelligence Tool.

In response to the needs of customers, the update will further enable businesses to understand their customers and flag fraudsters through data enrichment.

The Email API v2.1 update incorporates new major platforms including:

  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Qzone
  • Discord
  • Kakao 

The Phone API v1.1 adds eight new platforms as well as additional data points for both Viber (user name) and WhatsApp (user about section).
The new platforms are:

  • Zalo
  • Line
  • Kakao
  • Microsoft
  • Skype
  • Snapchat

The addition of market-leading communication apps Zalo and Line is expected to further support the decision-making of our partners in Asia.

Furthermore, as the travel industry begins its post-covid recovery, adding both and Airbnb to the Intelligence Tool’s arsenal will act as an insightful data point. 

Continued improvements to the product help broaden the horizon of our checks, provide more useful data and overall establish a clearer understanding of users. 

This follows the announcement of a new 14-day free trial available to all businesses fighting fraud; the solution is accessible as a Chrome extension or API.

The self-service Intelligence Tool enriches data from over 20 social media sites (including user avatar, bio and profile info) to produce a holistic customer profile.

A risk score is then assigned to the user, in real-time, using metrics such as address maturity, string analysis, and data breach lookup to generate the score.

SEON CEO and Founder, Tamas Kadar, said:

“Adding more social media platforms to the Intelligence Tool only supports our partners in their mission of ensuring that the consumers are who they say they are – not fraudsters.

Fraud continues to be a serious issue for merchants globally and as society heads towards complete digitalisation, the value of being able to pinpoint a person’s social media footprint increases.

These new checks hold strategical importance for some of our most important markets and are a great extension to what we have already been doing, as we continue to develop our offerings thanks to our recent Series A investment round.”

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