2020 vision – SEON is back from Money 20/20 Europe

2020 vision – SEON is back from Money 20/20 Europe

Amster-DAMN! Our frontline fraud fighters have just returned back home from the land of tulips, stroopwafels, bicycles, the tallest nation on earth and of course: Money 20/20 Europe that ran 6-8th June. It was a pretty busy event with some fascinating conversations, innovation and buzz.

With more than 8000 attendees and 2300 companies at the industry-defining show, it’s no surprise the conference is joined by the biggest deal makers, entrepreneurs and the very best of fintech. SEON were there to talk about fraud and it was great to meet up with many of the organizations we proudly call our customers and partners, who we’re fearlessly fighting fincrime with. How much fincrime are we fighting with other fintech organizations I hear you ask? Since SEON  was founded, we’ve prevented $160bn of fraud in 5 years, by helping companies to stop online fincrime as early and as extensively as they can.

SEON took some of our brightest and best to Money2020 to learn and share the latest trends in fraud prevention, AML and anti- fincrime solutions. They also made sure no one left without official “Fraud Fighter” socks (there has to be a dad joke about fraud and the Security Operations Centre), and signing up to the intergalactically recognised SEON raffle to win the Millenium Falcon (the LEGO version – obviously not the real one).

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Jimmy Fong was part of Fintech Insider’s 11:FS live podcasts on stage discussing “How do we make back office payments processes sexy?”. The recording is available on Youtube and on Fintech Insider’s Content Hub as well, highly recommended next to a morning coffee. It’s not that sexy so it’s very safe for work.

Money 2020 Europe is now over for this year, but fraudsters never sleep. Our recently released Global Banking Fraud Report highlights for example, 84% of companies with revenues of $1 billion+  have had more than 100 payment accounts targeted by fraud in the past year alone.

If your organisation is battling fraud and fincrime then feel free to check out the SEON’s fraud detection platform where you can try the product for free, check out more of our customer stories or talk to one of our experts by booking a demo. For those of you stateside, we can’t wait to see y’all in Las Vegas at Money 2020 US in October.

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