Top 8 User Onboarding Software & Tools in 2022

Top 8 User Onboarding Software & Tools in 2022

March 23, 2022

User onboarding is a key stage, where you must provide a seamless experience. You can also integrate extra tools to get the most from that process.

Let’s look at eight of the best pieces of user onboarding software available in 2022.

  1. SEON – Best for Fraud Prevention
  2. Appcues – Best for Code-Free Tooltips and Tutorials
  3. Proof – Best for Real-Time Social Proof
  4. Vero – Best for User Segmentation
  5. Optimizely – Best for Digital Experimentation
  6. Heap – Best for Product Analytics
  7. Hotjar – Best for Heat Maps
  8. Mixpanel – Best for General Business Analytics

What Is User Onboarding Software?

User onboarding tools are designed to help customers sign up for a service. It is a term preferred in the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry, where a signed-up user becomes a customer. 

Because onboarding means different things to different companies, there are many tools that can help that process. For instance, some will deliver extra information, others will focus on marketing, and some will add a layer of security. 

Generally speaking, however, all user onboarding tools help ensure that you get the most from the stage where a customer creates an account with you. 

Key User Onboarding Software Features

Marketing company WyzOwl reports that 86% of people are more likely to stay loyal to a business that invests in quality onboarding.

Here are points to consider when you plan to integrate tools into your own customer onboarding journey:

  • Pricing: Most user onboarding tools operate under the SaaS model, which is great because you can pay more or less depending on your usage. There are often free plans available. Just make sure that you don’t get locked into lengthy contracts that don’t offer flexibility if your onboarding volume is irregular or seasonal.
  • Friction: Ideally, user onboarding tools should remove friction from the signup journey. It’s a fine line between adding extra features and creating obstacles for your customers. Some tools might give great insights, for instance, but slow down your website at the same time.
  • Integration: Adding any tool to your arsenal requires careful planning in terms of deployment. Will it cause downtime? Will you have to dedicate too much developer time to get it up and running?
  • Efficiency and ROI: Last but not least, you should evaluate the efficacy of your user onboarding tools regularly. Do they deliver on their promise? Are you getting your money’s worth?

The Top 8 User Onboarding Software for 2022

Let us now look at the best user onboarding software and tools available on the market today, providing basic features, pricing details and benefits for each.

Disclaimer: Everything written about the companies mentioned in this article was gleaned from online research including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test all the tools. However, we’ve ensured the information was correct as of winter 2022. Feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

SEON – Best for Fraud Prevention

seon logo

It is no exaggeration to say that every successful online business is now being targeted by fraudsters. It hardly matters what kind of product or service you sell. If you are online and making money, bad agents will look to find a way to exploit you.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to set up your first risk stack with companies such as SEON. Better still, it also works as an additional layer to gather extra information. 

SEON works by capturing digital footprint data, so you can learn a lot about your users without asking them to fill extra fields. It looks at 35+ social signals and enriches data from devices, email addresses, and phone numbers to spot bots, fraudsters, and people trying to hide something from your analytics.

seon user profile dashboard

Benefits of SEON for Onboarding

You can immediately spot suspicious devices or IP addresses. If your users enter an email or phone number, you can also look at their social information, to better gauge if they are legitimate.

SEON Pricing

There is a free 30-day trial. After that, SEON pricing starts at €99/month.

Appcues – Best for Code-Free Tooltips and Tutorials

Calling Appcues a user onboarding tool is underselling it: You could build pretty much your entire onboarding process upon its no-code suite of tools. The no-code part is worth stressing. It means marketers and product people can guide new users without bothering developers.

As for what you can do with Appcues, it includes the ability to add tutorials, slideouts, tooltips, and hotspots. You can also segment users and use the in-app surveys to get feedback on your product!

appcues dashboard

Benefits of Appcues for Onboarding

Appcues gives you all the tools you need to guide users through their first use of your product in an unobtrusive, friendly way. It also allows you to gain insight into user preferences.

Appcues Pricing

You get a usage-based free trial. Paid plans start at $249/month.

Proof – Best for Real-Time Social Proof

Seeing other people purchase something is a strong psychological driver that you should do it too. And when it comes to online social proof, no other tools do it better than proof. In simple words, it adds a small banner on your site that shows whenever someone performs a certain action. 

The real-time notifications are unobtrusive and it is up to the merchant to decide what triggers them. This can be a strong signal that your onboarding journey is great, which in turn may inspire more people to sign up for your product or service.

Benefits of proof for Onboarding

Proof displays real-time notifications of user actions, a powerful psychological tool to show that your product or service is popular and encourage more people to buy or commit.

Proof Pricing: 

Free 14-day trial and paid plans starting at $66/month.

Vero – Best for User Segmentation

vero logo

There is no shortage of user segmentation tools on the market (read: how to target the right group of people), but few of them do it as elegantly as Vero. This neat marketing software connects directly to your data, so you can send targeted newsletters or create automated workflows.

The latter is particularly useful during the onboarding phase. You can create activity streams with clear visualization and simple if/then logic. It’s all designed perfectly even for non-technical marketers. No wonder companies like Monzo love it.

vero dashboard

Benefits of Vero for Onboarding

Vero lets you build simple and complex segmentation to tailor your message to the right users.

Vero Pricing

30-day free trial. The Starter plan is $49/month. 

Optimizely – Best for Digital Experimentation

Optimizely logo

The user onboarding process can require a lot of guesswork. Optimizely, a company trusted by eBay, Dolby, and Pizza Hut, among others, aims to reduce that guesswork so you can get clear results on what works and what doesn’t. 

It’s more than a simple A/B testing platform for your landing pages. Optimizely gives you a complete digital playground so you can experiment with different CTA placement, colors and any parameter you want to tweak. 

optimizely dashboard

Benefits of Optimizely for Onboarding

Optimizely takes away the guesswork when you’re trying to learn what converts and what doesn’t. It also allows for experimentation.

Optimizely Pricing

Unfortunately, this is more of an enterprise solution, so you’ll need to jump on a sales call to get a quote.

Heap – Best for Product Analytics

heap logo

A complete digital experience optimization tool, Heap helps highlight hidden user actions and behavior that could point towards better results. Used by Nielsen, Walmart Labs and Logitech, among others, the solution is designed to put an end to assumptions about how users engage with your product or website.

It’s especially well-suited to user onboarding journeys with a lot of churn or poor conversion rates. If you’ve ever wondered why people don’t complete your signup process, Heap could be one of the best solutions for you. 

heap dashboard

Benefits of Heap for Onboarding

Uncover hidden user behavior patterns that could help you understand where there is too much friction, or what leads to churn. 

Heap Pricing

It’s completely free if you are gathering data on fewer than 10,000 users – pretty generous. Premium plans, however, start at a whopping $3,600 per month. 

Hotjar – Best for Heat Maps

hotjar logo

Another great tool to help you understand the root cause of churn. Hotjar is probably the best visualization tool to let you directly see where users click, where they hover, and where they skip content during the onboarding process.

You can do more than see mouse patterns during recorded sessions, though. Hotjar also lets you gather user feedback from users on specific page elements. This makes it a complete solution to tweak, optimize, and measure the success of your onboarding pages. 

Just a heads up: Hotjar can be quite memory-intensive. Some users report that it slows down their website drastically, so better to use it sparingly. 

hotjar dashboard

Benefits of Hotjar for Onboarding

Visualize user interactions by checking where visitors’ mouse cursors point. You can also get feedback from users on specific page elements.

Hotjar Pricing

There is a free plan with 35 daily sessions, then it’s $39/month for the paid plans.

Mixpanel – Best for General Business Analytics 

mixpanel logo

Last but not least, we have Mixpanel, the business analytics tool of choice for startups and bootstrapped companies. The freemium model has a lot to do with it, but the quality of the features also speaks for itself. There’s a reason everyone from Uber to GoDaddy and Yelp uses it.

With Mixpanel, you can gather insights about your product, create flows, look at retention rates and impact, and even perform A/B tests. In short, it’s all about letting you understand how your product is used by gathering relevant data. In terms of onboarding, it’s a fantastic tool to learn where and why users drop off and what kind of users retain best.

mixpanel dashboard

Benefits of Mixpanel for Onboarding

Collect data and create reports to help you understand how people use your website product or mobile app – and how to improve on this. 

Mixpanel Pricing

It’s free for tracking up to 100K monthly users! The Growth plan is also surprisingly affordable, starting at $25 per month. 

How to Choose the Best User Onboarding Software

Luckily for online businesses, there is no shortage of onboarding tools you can add to your stack to reduce risk, gain better insights, and increase your conversion rates. 

However, remember that the onboarding stage is at its best when it is frictionless. Adding too many bells and whistles could detract from a clean UX and even potentially cause churn.

We hope this list of user onboarding tools will give you a better idea of what works and what kind of experience you can create for your users.

User Onboarding Tools FAQ

What are user onboarding tools?

User onboarding tools help you get the most from your users’ first interaction with your product. This can be to make their onboarding experience easier, to get more data, or to filter out junk users and fraudsters. 

Why is user onboarding important?

User onboarding is the first time your customers will really interact with your product or service. You have to make it easy for them, inform them of how it works, and also ensure they are the right target audience. 

Why use fraud prevention at onboarding?

The user onboarding stage lets you capture key information about your users. You can learn who they are thanks to data fields – but also by enriching data relating to their IP address or the kind of device they use to connect to your site. 

WyzOwl: How Onboarding Optimizes User Retention

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