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Compare SEON vs Nethone

As both SEON and Nethone continue to grow in reputation, this article aims to help businesses looking to upgrade their fraud prevention product stack with more modern, innovative solutions. 

Disclaimer: Everything written about the companies mentioned in this article was gleaned from online research including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test all the tools. However, we ensured the information was correct as of Q3 2022. Feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

About Nethone

Nethone is a machine learning-based fraud prevention SaaS company that supports online merchants and financial institutions with online user profiling.

Founded in 2016, Nethone was created to “make the online space a safer, and more transparent place for all users” and was established within the Daftcode ecosystem that also features the European payment solution Straal.

In June 2021, Nethone raised $6.7m in a Series A funding round to focus on its Know Your Users mission.

Nethone Key Products

  • Nethone’s proprietary product, dubbed Profiler, enriches data of every single user with over 5000 attributes in real-time with the result being presented via a decision engine. 
  • The company uses machine learning to spot unusual / suspicious behavior that is able to be modified to suit the requirements of your industry and refines itself continuously.
  • Your contract agreement comes with a dedicated data scientist that supports in the development of machine learning engines.

Pros of Nethone
  • The company has been created with engineers in mind so integration can be complete “within minutes” with no impact on user experience.
  • Nethone allows for 3rd party API plugins so you are able to develop a multi-layered defence with other solutions available on the market.
  • Signals offer human readable reasoning behind the decision made by their machine learning engine.

Cons of Nethone
  • Although they pull together recommendations based on 5000+ data points, you might still need to enrich that data to have full context.
  • Relying on a blackbox machine learning algorithm means you will have to deal with false positives.
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SEON vs Nethone Features Comparison Table




Data aggregation
IP AnalysisYesYes
Email data enrichment YesNo
Phone data enrichmentYesNo
Find user social mediaYes, checks 50+ platformsNo
Device FingerprintingYesYes
BIN for transactionYesYes
Behavior trackingYes, via custom rulesYes
User authenticationYesYes
Risk analysis
Custom rulesYesYes
Machine learning suggestionsYesYes
Industry preset rulesYesYes
Risk scoreYesNo
Integration / deployment
API callsYesYes
Modular APIsYesYes
Custom API fieldsYesYes
Chrome extensionYes No
Manual queryYesYes
Graph visualizationNoYes
Team managementYesNo
Integration with other toolsYesYes 
Chargeback guaranteeNoNo
Free integrationYesNo
Free supportYesYes
Free trialYesNo
Cost per monthFlexible pay-per-API request modelN/A. Contact their sales team for more info.

Where Nethone Wins Over SEON

  • Its AI looks to handle the majority of transactions without input from your risk team, although you are able to look into any particular decision and have some level of flexibility with input from their team. 
  • The availability of connection graphs can help uncover more complex fraud schemes and provide a deeper understanding of where fraudsters are attacking.  

Where SEON Wins Over Nethone

  • Though Nethone offers a dedicated data scientist for its clients, custom rules have to be adjusted through this off-site data expert. With SEON, these rules are easily customizable, instantly.
  • Our data enrichment gives you more real-life context of a transaction by looking at your users’ social media presence (or lack thereof) and the risk scores are applied accordingly – not just at the signals captured during the user journey.

SEON vs Nethone Conclusion

Choose SEON if

You require more in depth user profiling with access to real-time data enrichment, phone and email analysis, and device fingerprinting.

Choose Nethone if
You’re looking for a solution to bolt onto your current stack that will help reduce manual reviews.

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