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SEON is a comprehensive Fraud, Risk, and Anti-Money Laundering solution that meets all your regulatory requirements. 

Choosing a comprehensive fraud and AML solution over a point solution like Dow Jones is vital as it enhances AML detection accuracy, streamlines customer onboarding, and reduces operational costs by minimizing manual reviews and false positives.

Comparison Table

See how SEON compares to Dow Jones side-by-side. We’ll go into further detail for each of the key capabilities below.

Why choose SEON over Dow Jones?

SEON: Superior AML and Fraud Detection with an Intuitive Interface

TLDR:  Having all the data is pointless if you have no way to interpret it. Without an intuitive interface, you add friction to the new solution experience for an analyst. When comparing the two solutions, SEON benefits compliance analysts more.

SEON offers a platform that enables a complete picture of AML and fraud, where and how it occurs, all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies complex processes and makes information readily accessible. With an API-first approach and customizable graphic user interface, you can easily display what’s important to you and your teams, reducing manual review times and excessive operational expenditure. This interface means less time is needed for training and consistent support, which can rapidly increase costs.

Dow Jones provides a portal for uploading customer details, which takes time, resulting in slower onboarding of customers and more friction in their journey. Another issue with portals is that you may need consulting without automated in-depth analyses from AI and a straightforward interface. An add-on from Dow Jones, this will likely add up incredibly fast to a high cost, resulting in a lower ROI. Whereas SEON has fraud specialists on hand to help with easy integration, custom rule creation and onboarding, reducing your extra costs and automating workflows.

SEON vs Dow Jones

  • SEON: Platform with easy integration and setup
  • Dow Jones: Portal with manual upload and consultancy

SEON closes out cases faster with AML and fraud data

TLDR:  If you want to close out alerts faster, increase collaboration between fraud and compliance teams and get more nuanced and context-rich insights, SEON is the ideal choice you can switch on using only a single API call. 

While point solutions address specific issues, an end-to-end fraud solution goes beyond providing comprehensive protection that covers all aspects of your business’s fraud and AML requirements. It ensures the safety of your customers’ entire journey, offering a sense of security as your business expands.

With a holistic solution, you can consolidate your review processes into a single platform, offering a real-time, all-encompassing view of your customers. This integration of AML screening, digital footprint analysis, and device intelligence facilitates a streamlined KYC process. It significantly accelerates customer onboarding, slashing manual review times and thereby reducing customer friction.

SEON vs Dow Jones

  • SEON: Complete solution offering fraud and AML (FRAML)
  • Dow Jones: AML only

SEON’s customizable AI increases AML detection 

TLDR: Customization and AI mean efficient automated checks and pattern recognition not visible to human eyes, SEON offers AI detection, whereas Dow Jones doesn’t, making it the clear winner.

SEON’s AML solution transforms risk management with its AI-powered rules engine and machine learning capabilities, significantly reducing the need for time-intensive manual reviews. Unlike the rigid legacy systems such as Dow Jones, which lack AI capabilities, SEON offers both Whitebox and Blackbox machine learning options. This dual approach allows for detailed control over custom rules and fully automated risk decisions, optimizing the process for speed and accuracy.

SEON’s API-first customizable platform is designed for easy integration into existing tech stacks, accommodating businesses of all sizes. In contrast, legacy systems such as Dow Jones primarily target larger enterprises with higher costs and offer limited customization. SEON not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a scalable, user-friendly solution that adapts to meet diverse business needs, setting a new benchmark in AML technology.

SEON vs Dow Jones

  • SEON: Machine Learning to automate reviews and reduce false positives
  • Dow Jones: No Machine learning rigid system

The Final Word On SEON vs Dow Jones

Both SEON and Dow Jones provide AML screening and monitoring solutions, however the main difference lies in how fast cases can be closed out and efficiency.

If you are looking to merely meet compliance needs, a point solution such as Dow Jones can work, the simple checkbox solution is lightweight and meets requirements.

However, if you want a scalable and easily integrable platform tailored for businesses of all sizes, focusing on AML and fraud detection through its AI-driven, user-friendly interface. SEON provides an end-to-end solution that enhances AML detection accuracy, streamlines customer onboarding, and reduces operational costs by minimizing manual reviews and false positives. 

SEON’s commitment to customization and ease of use provides a comprehensive Fraud and AML solution, setting a new standard in efficiency and adaptability compared to the more rigid and manual-intensive offerings of Dow Jones.

Reduce Risk with SEON

Partner with SEON to minimize risk and reduce fraud rates in your business with ML, real-time data enrichment, and advanced APIs.

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