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Point solutions like Trustfull protect onboarding, SEON goes beyond by offering comprehensive protection throughout. With more data, deeper insights, and superior customization, SEON stops more fraud at every step of your customer journey.

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Why Choose SEON over Trustfull?

SEON Protects the Entire Customer Journey — End-to-End

Point solutions like Trustfull protect onboarding, while SEON offers a broader, end-to-end approach that provides comprehensive protection across the entire customer journey. SEON’s extensive data collection, deeper insights and customization capabilities allow you to identify and mitigate fraud more effectively at every stage.

While point solutions can be effective for specific scenarios, they often overlook broader risks and don’t adapt well to business growth or emerging fraud techniques. An integrated solution such as SEON includes phone, IP, and email lookups, device intelligence and AML screening, not only safeguards against a wider range of fraud types but also reduces the need for multiple platforms, offering a more cost-effective, long-term solution. 

This approach ensures a deep understanding of customer activities, enhancing overall security and supporting the business’s comprehensive fraud prevention needs.

SEON vs Trustfull

  • Trustfull: Point solution
  • SEON: End-to-end solution 

SEON Utilizes the Value of Real-Time Digital + Social Signals and Device Intelligence

A customer’s digital and social signals, referred to as their ‘digital footprint,’ provide critical insights into fraud risk assessment, offering a quick snapshot of a customer’s profile. SEON offers more than twice the number of digital and social lookups than Trustfull, and focuses on relevant fraud indicators, sidestepping unnecessary data like celebrity face matching from social accounts. This approach allows for the precise validation of a user’s digital identity, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the verification process.

Unlike Trustfull, which updates its device data daily, SEON’s device intelligence operates in real-time, enabling instant detection of fraud and anomalies. SEON delivers a robust, multi-layered defense against fraud, leveraging comprehensive insights from devices, IP addresses, software, and digital footprints to provide the most detailed and effective fraud prevention solution.

SEON vs Trustfull

  • Trustfull: 37 social and digital checks, uses a mixture of daily and real-time data
  • SEON: 90+ social and digital checks, uses real-time data for a full and up-to-date picture of your customer

SEON Advocates for Transparent, Understandable Machine Learning

Machine learning is the best way to indentidfy fraud patterns rapidly and at scale, with its accuracy enhancing through use and feedback. Unlike blackbox machine learning, which operates opaquely and offers limited understanding and control, whitebox machine learning allows you to benefit from AI-driven decisions while maintaining control over risk evaluation processes and the ability to modify them. 

SEON provides a dual machine learning system for advanced fraud detection. Our transparent whitebox model offers rule suggestions by detecting patterns for proactive fraud prevention, while our blackbox model operates discreetly, tackling fraud that may bypass human detection for superior security. 

SEON vs Trustfull

  • Trustfull: Hidden blackbox model with no human-readable reasoning
  • SEON: Blackbox + explainable whitebox machine learning

SEON Combats Advanced Fraud With Transparent, Customized Scoring

Preset rules provide a solid foundation for identifying standard fraud types within your industry. However, every business faces unique challenges. Customizable scoring enables you to take charge of your fraud prevention measures, allowing adjustments based on evolving fraud trends, new legislations and your specific risk tolerance.

SEON delivers both preset and customizable rules supported by transparent machine learning. This setup gives you access to in-depth insights into the mechanics of fraud scoring decisions. With SEON, you have the flexibility to modify and refine your rules as needed, keeping your defenses agile and up-to-date with the dynamic business landscape.

SEON vs Trustfull

  • Trustfull: Templated rule creation, limited decision-making analysis
  • SEON: Preset rules and in-depth custom rule creation via an easy-to-use interface, including comparison, data match, and velocity rules


Choosing SEON over Trustfull offers a superior, comprehensive fraud protection strategy, thanks to its end-to-end solution that covers the entire customer journey. Unlike Trustfull’s point solution that offers limited protection, SEON utilizes extensive data collection, real-time digital and social signal processing, and device intelligence, providing deeper insights and more effective fraud mitigation at every stage. SEON also emphasizes the value of machine learning, offering both a human-readable, rule-suggesting whitebox model and a blackbox model for advanced detection capabilities. Moreover, SEON supports customizable scoring and rule creation, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to new fraud trends and regulatory changes, making it not only more flexible but also cost-effective in the long run by reducing the need for multiple platforms. This multi-layered, adaptable approach positions SEON as a more robust solution compared to Trustfull’s more limited and less flexible offerings.

Disclaimer: Everything you’ll read in this article was gleaned from online research, including user reviews. We did not have time to test every tool manually. This article was last updated in Q2 2024. Please feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

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