Compare SEON vs ClearSale

Compare SEON vs ClearSale

October 13, 2021

Ahead of the launch of our Shopify app, we look to offer an easy-to-read comparison between SEON and fellow fraud fighters ClearSale.

Disclaimer: Everything written about the companies mentioned in this article was gleaned from online research including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test all the tools. However, we ensured the information was correct as of spring 2022. Feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

About ClearSale 

Founded in Brazil in 2001, ClearSale is an ecommerce focused fraud prevention company that claims to be the first one of its kind to offer chargeback guarantees for merchants. 

ClearSale works with over 4,000 customers across 170 countries to support merchants with the ever-growing issue of card-not-present fraud and fraudulent chargebacks.

With offices in Miami (US), São Paulo (Brazil), and Mexico City (Mexico), the company recently raised $254 million in an initial public offering on Brazil’s B3 stock exchange. Some of their major clients include Wish, Privalia, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret, and ASUS.

In February 2022, ClearSale expanded its product offering with the acqusition of ChargebackOps. 

Key Products

  • ClearSale tailors its products to take over the entire risk process for merchants with the availability of chargeback guarantees and dedicated fraud staff to work around your needs.
  • Its scoring engine with customizable rules helps merchants automate transactions without human input. 
  • ClearSale allows merchants to manually review orders if they fall into a grey area.
  • They also offer analysis on aspects beyond fraud such as your most profitable products, most valued customers, and target market analysis.

Pros of ClearSale
  • Their direct focus on ecommerce makes them a safe bet for small and medium businesses with integration availability with all most platforms.
  • Automated decision-making and chargeback protection means if a fraudulent order is placed, you will be covered by ClearSale.

Cons of ClearSale
  • The company takes a small cut of each sale which might not be an issue if you’re looking to alleviate all risk effort but for merchants looking to maximize profits, there might be a better solution available.
Compare SEON’s solution to ClearSale

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SEON vs ClearSale Features Comparison Table




Data aggregation
IP Analysis Yes Yes
Email data enrichment  Yes No
Phone data enrichment Yes No
Find user social media Yes, checks 35+ platforms No
Device Fingerprinting Yes Yes
BIN for transaction Yes Yes
Behavior tracking Yes, via custom rules Yes
User authentication Via cookie and browser hash Yes
Risk analysis
Custom rules Yes Yes
Machine learning suggestions Yes No
Industry preset rules Yes Yes
Risk score Yes No
Integration / deployment
API calls Yes Yes
Modular APIs Yes Yes
Custom API fields Yes Yes
GUI Yes Yes
Chrome extension Yes  Yes
Manual query Yes Yes
Graph visualization No No
Reporting Yes Yes
Team management Yes Yes 
Integration with other tools Yes Yes 
Chargeback guarantee No Yes
Free integration Yes Yes
Free support Yes Yes
Free trial Yes Yes 
Cost per month Flexible tiered pricing based on API requests starting from €99. N/A. Contact their sales team for more info.

Where SEON Wins Over ClearSale

  • SEON allows you to take more risk in different markets with the social media lookup-based rules, and we’re tailored for such markets. Our whitebox machine learning also offers more suggestions based on data and your continued usage.
  • Access to live social data enables businesses to create more complete profiles of their customers/users with more opportunities to develop a multi-layered system with other products in the market.

Where ClearSale Wins Over SEON

  • ClearSale’s direct focus on eCommerce gives them a foot up in terms of credibility within the industry along with the availability of integrations major platforms.
  • ClearSale offer merchants the ability to not handle risk via their automated system and chargeback guarantee as well as manual review checks through their own team. 

SEON vs ClearSale Conclusion

Choose SEON if
  • Your businesses require more information about users that enter your site to establish identity trust to maximize profits, reduce fraud and minimize false positives.

Choose ClearSale if
  • You are a large-scale enterprise looking for an easy-to-use platform that handles both payments and risk management through one integration.

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