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Compare SEON vs ClearSale

Both SEON and ClearSale offer solutions designed to improve sales, reduce chargebacks, and block payment fraud before it happens. But which provider offers the best features for your online store? Let’s compare them below. 

Disclaimer: Everything you’ll read in this article was gleaned from online research, including user reviews. We did not have time to manually test every tool. This article was last updated in Q1 2023. Please feel free to contact us to request an update/correction.

About ClearSale 

Founded in Brazil in 2001, ClearSale is an ecommerce focused fraud prevention company that claims to be the first one of its kind to offer chargeback guarantees for merchants. 

ClearSale works with over 6,000 customers across more than 160 countries to support merchants with the ever-growing issue of card-not-present fraud and fraudulent chargebacks.

With offices in Miami (US), São Paulo (Brazil), and Mexico City (Mexico), the publicly-listed company accumulated more than 20 years in the fraud prevention market, and currently employs 2,000 specialized analysts. Some of their major clients include Wish, Privalia, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret, and ASUS.

In February 2022, ClearSale expanded its product offering with the acqusition of ChargebackOps. 

Key Products

  • ClearSale focuses on reducing payment friction and chargeback prevention, with a strong focus on reporting, monitoring, and filtering CNP (card non present) payments.
  • The company works via a chargeback-guarantee model, which is designed for peace of mind rather than customization.
    ClearSale also offers consultancy services to help improve your sales.
  • You can integrate ClearSale via a wide range of ecommerce third-party add-ons.
  • There is also a unique KPI-based pricing solution, where you agree on the chargeback rate you want to achieve, and ClearSale will adjust its price accordingly.

Pros of ClearSale
  • Their direct focus on ecommerce makes them a safe bet for small and medium businesses with integration availability with all most platforms.
  • Automated decision-making and means that you can let the system run without having to worry about the specifics of chargeback prevention.
  • Interesting KPI-based pricing, which can be advantageous for smaller businesses.

Cons of ClearSale
  • The company takes a small cut of each sale which might not be an issue if you’re looking to alleviate all risk effort but for merchants looking to maximize profits, there might be a better solution available.
  • A heavily automated process means you don’t get much transparency into how ClearSale decides what is fraud and what isn’t.
  • A lack of data enrichment processes that means you don’t get good user profiling for identity theft or multi-accounting – it’s focused on the payment information rather than the individual
Compare SEON’s solution to ClearSale

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SEON vs ClearSale Features Comparison Table




Data aggregation
IP AnalysisYesYes
Email data enrichment YesNo
Phone data enrichmentYesNo
Find user social mediaYes, checks 50+ platformsNo
Device FingerprintingYesYes
BIN for transactionYesYes
Behavior trackingYes, via custom rulesYes
User authenticationVia cookie and browser hashYes
Risk analysis
Custom rulesYesYes
Machine learning suggestionsYesNo
Industry preset rulesYesYes
Risk scoreYesNo
Integration / deployment
API callsYesYes
Modular APIsYesYes
Custom API fieldsYesYes
Chrome extensionYes Yes
Manual queryYesYes
Graph visualizationNoNo
Team managementYesYes 
Integration with other toolsYesYes 
Chargeback guaranteeNoYes
Free integrationYesYes
Free supportYesYes
Free trialYesYes 
Cost per monthFlexible tiered pricing based on API requests starting from $299. A full-featured free option is available.Performance-based pricing model (fixed % fee per transaction)

Where SEON Wins Over ClearSale

  • SEON allows for more flexibility and control, which makes it more suited for fraud analysts with specific risk challenges.
  • Combining fraud prevention with KYC and AML is a great way to future-proof your online store when it comes to payment regulations. 

Where ClearSale Wins Over SEON

  • ClearSale’s direct focus on eCommerce gives them a foot up in terms of credibility within the industry along with the availability of integrations major platforms. While SEON works with Shopify, ClearSale also covers Magento, PrestaShop, and more.
  • The chargeback insurance, which means you get paid back for your losses by ClearSale, can be convenient for smaller businesses who just want to forget about chargebacks at the risk of blocking riskier, but valid payments.

SEON vs ClearSale Conclusion

Choose SEON if
  • You need fraud prevention, chargeback prevention, and compliance tools rolled into one, and need to customize risk rules according to your business challenges.
Choose ClearSale if
  • You want powerful CNP monitoring and the ability to stop thinking about chargebacks at all costs, even if it means losing a few legitimate sales in the process. The integration with a number of ecommerce platforms is also handy.

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