PayOp Integrates SEON to Reduce Payment Fraud

PayOp Integrates SEON to Reduce Payment Fraud

PayOp already makes accepting online payments easier than ever. It’s now also safer thanks to SEON.

Businesses and individuals who can’t accept online payments online are having a hard time these days. But even those who want to process transactions face their own sets of challenges.

Enters PayOp, the international payment aggregator who makes it easier than ever for businesses or individuals to authorize transactions from a wide range of options. 

These options currently cover 170+ countries, including local and international credit cards, internet banking, and more than 200 alternative payment methods such as popular eWallets.  

More Payments, Fewer Chargebacks

Sadly, accepting more payments from everywhere around the world is a double-edged sword. It can help your business grow tremendously, but also incur costly expenses due to fraudsters’ attacks.

Whether it’s after being the victim of malicious payment fraud or so-called friendly fraud, the problem remains: chargebacks are expensive and cost businesses a lot in lost time and resources.

This is precisely why PayOp wanted to integrate an anti-fraud solution directly within their platform. The idea is simple: reduce the chargebacks rates of their merchants, which means fewer fees and better customer service. Everybody wins.

Covering All Verticals

Chargeback fees are plaguing every online industry these days, from iGaming companies to fintech and of course online stores. Which is why PayOp wanted a fraud detection tool that is flexible enough to analyze transactions in a wide range of verticals.

SEON, with our Machine Learning solution for delivering high-precision risk rules, fit the bill perfectly. After integrating our Sense Platform within theirs, they’ve already seen a clear reduction in chargebacks due to transaction fraud, friendly fraud, without an increase in false positives – and the rates are set to continue to drop the longer the AI-driven engine works its magic.

The bottom line: PayOp’s merchants can focus on boosting their conversion rates instead of worrying about fighting chargeback fees. 

Part of the PayOp Package

SEON is now fully integrated within the PayOp platform as part of their offer, which includes a frictionless integration, multicurrency processing, and powerful analytics. 

And it requires absolutely no extra work from their client’s part, as everything is perfectly set up from the PayOp side of things.

Best of all, their clients can be sure that they can accept more payments than ever, without opening the door to risky transactions that could eat into their bottom line.

For more information about PayOp and how they could help you process more payments faster and safer, please visit

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