Online Lending Fintech Solventa Predicts a Decrease in Defaulting Customers Thanks to SEON

Online Lending Fintech Solventa Predicts a Decrease in Defaulting Customers Thanks to SEON

Solventa, an innovative and fast-growing lending FinTech in Colombia, Peru, and the US, has partnered with SEON to add an extra layer of risk scoring when vetting applicants. 

As one of the top 3 fintech companies in the region, Solventa predicts it can confirm customer identity and help fight identity fraud and account takeover with increased accuracy.

Delivering loans fast and with an excellent user experience carries inherent risks – especially in a high-risk market such as LatAm, where financial information is scarce.

As Candela Tomasini, Partnerships Manager at Solventa put it:

The company will now integrate SEON’s data enrichment modules and Fraud API to gain extra intelligence and alternative data signals on top of its internal credit scoring models and machine learning tools.

Candela explains why SEON was chosen as a partner:

“The email, IP, and phone analysis tools are awesome. Having it all in one place is really helpful. Especially for our business, being able to validate a user’s social media presence can help confirm their identity. SEON’s device fingerprinting is also something we’re really looking forward to adding to our risk model.”

Speaking for SEON, CCO Jimmy Fong confirmed that the partnership was an exciting one for both sides:

“Solventa is precisely the kind of innovative company where we love to see our product deliver results. It’s all about reducing long-term risk while offering the best possible experience for their users.”

And speaking of the user experience, Candela was also pleased with how the SEON team helped – not just during the integration but with its ongoing support.

“We have a Slack channel with the SEON team, and they’ve been fantastic, so we’re really looking forward to working with them more and seeing what we build together. ”

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