Improved GDPR Compliance With SEON’s Erase API

Improved GDPR Compliance With SEON’s Erase API

Our latest feature boosts GDPR compliance for companies dealing with EU customers.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been officially in place since 2018, and the results have been… mixed. 

From a consumer perspective, the onslaught of cookie banners has certainly been blamed on the regulation. The enforcement of fines regarding data leaks, on the other hand, has been highly praised by regular users.

A Challenge for Data-Collecting Companies

For companies, the GDPR still remains a puzzle to be solved. There is still confusion as to whether compliance only concerns companies based in the EU or those with EU users. The cookies policies lack uniformity. And sometimes, the tools needed to help with data protection are simply lacking.

In fact, some companies will often mass-delete user data, just to ensure that they meet the somewhat confusingly worded policy that ”personal data may only be kept in a form that permits identification of the individual for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was processed”.  

This is why it was important for us at SEON to help users of our platform enforce the best data protection procedures, as easily as possible.

One API Call to Erase Data

In the context of fraud prevention, the more data you have about your users, the more you can protect them. But some users may still request that you delete their personal information. You may also want to regularly remove user data manually, without losing necessary information. 

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to do it via the SEON Erase API.

You can read more information in the docs after logging in, but essentially, this new feature allows you to instantly:

  • Erase all user data based on an email address.
  • Erase all user data linked to a user ID.

You also get the option to provide a test run without actually deleting any data.

Better Compliance, Happier Users

Data collection is important for businesses like yours – it’s also becoming a growing concern for users. Worse, failing to meet the right data protection compliance could land you in hot water with EU regulators.

At SEON, our job isn’t just to help you reduce fraud, but also to ensure you can grow your business safely. We hope this new Erase API will help satisfy everyone, from your users to the legal team.

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