Grover Partners With SEON to Verify User IDs As it Expands Worldwide

Grover Partners With SEON to Verify User IDs As it Expands Worldwide

Grover, Europe’s leading tech subscription platform counts 1M European users. It’s now expanding to the US, and we’re pleased to be part of their growth plans.

As a pioneer in the technology subscription industry, Grover must ensure fraudsters and scammers don’t infiltrate its platform.

Trust is at the core of its business, and the company has a robust KYC process that leverages machine learning to verify IDs. However, some risk management tools can be slow, adding friction to the onboarding process.

This is why Federico Branchetti, Associate Product Manager at Grover, turned to SEON to complete the ID proofing process:

“We are always looking for new data to support our fraud analysts and increase the efficiency of our ML models. SEON’s data enrichment using phone, digital and social signals allows us to validate user IDs quickly, confidentially, and efficiently.”

Grover now uses SEON’s anti-fraud APIs to block suspicious users and to cross-check information with the company’s proprietary data sources. 

SEON’s CCO, Jimmy Fong, commented on the partnership:

“Verifying IDs is notoriously costly and adds friction for the customer experience. This is why we’re so pleased to see that Grover can rely on SEON’s real-time data enrichment as it scales its worldwide operations.”

Working with SEON’s data helps Federico and his team improve their frictionless KYC process. Ultimately, it makes the Grover platform safer, and a better place to lend up to 500,000 devices – both to customers and businesses.

“The experience [of working with SEON] has been extremely smooth, both from a technical and business point of view. It’s perfect for us to reduce our exposure to fake or stolen identities.”

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