A huge thank you from SEON for the G2 Fraud Prevention Leader Recognition

A huge thank you from SEON for the G2 Fraud Prevention Leader Recognition

One of my favourite sayings is: “if you’re having a bad day – go and talk to a customer and see the great things they’re doing”. Incidentally, my favourite award joke is:

“What award did the creator of the knock-knock joke win?
“The “no-bell prize”

Moving swiftly on…

SEON has some highly innovative customers fighting fraud on the front line. What they say and the feedback they give us is the most important thing to people at SEON. It helps us gauge how we’re doing, what customers think about us, and, when customers are looking for a solution to their needs, feedback like this is a source of honesty they can always turn to. 

If you’re reading this, you may well know that G2 is one of the leading sources of customer reviews and we’re delighted to appear in some pretty decent leadership positions in their recent rankings. It’s always great to hear about the customer experience and if you are having a bad day at SEON (which is very rare) then the G2 reviews are a perfect tonic.  

G2 Awards for 2022

We’re delighted to have SEON recognised as the leader in a number of G2 categories in their Fall 2022 Mid-Market report: 

  • Relationship Index for E-commerce Fraud Protection
  • Grid Report for Fraud Detection
  • Usability Index for Fraud Detection
  • Results Index for Fraud Detection
  • Relationship Index for Fraud Detection
  • Mid-Market Implementation Index for Fraud Detection
  • Relationship Index for Fraud Detection
  • Small-Business Relationship Index for Fraud Detection

Perhaps the most rewarding of these is the overall G2 Grid® for Fraud Detection and where SEON is positioned on it. There are a lot of fantastic companies helping to fight fraud, so to be a leader in that group is pretty great. 

It’s great to see SEON’s kept its momentum on G2 as one of the leaders in mid-market fraud detection/protection software this autumn. What’s most encouraging is that G2 reports are based on unfiltered customer reviews. SEON is tracking very well with a score of 4.7 out of 5 from 221 customer reviews. It’s a “proud dad moment” for us at SEON and emphasizes the customer relationships and product usability.

As 221 customer reviews is a lot to summarise, here are some of the highlights from the various awards:

SEON Provides an excellent tool to get a holistic view of a potential customer and in this way makes it easy to filter out fraudsters. The over 200 data points that are returned also serve as a great enhancement to Credit Scoring models

The thing that I like best about SEON, aside from the team (everybody there seems super nice, very well-rounded in pretty much everything Fraud-related, and always eager to help) is their tool’s remarkable accuracy…after more than one year of having used SEON daily, I’m at a point where I couldn’t picture a day’s work without it. 

What I personally enjoy about SEON is the easiness of use when it comes to finding potential fraudsters. Working for a casino, you can imagine how many people are trying to breach the terms and conditions, create additional accounts or use VPNs.

When a customer expects the best result, you simply need to user the tools that are best. This is where SEON comes into the picture.

Their amazing support and developers team will are always available to assist with any special requirements or review any rules.

One of the greatest thing about SEON is that you can start using it right away, just connect to their API and u’re ready to go, thats one of the main reason we choose it.

Whenever traditional methods come short, SEON often has the answer. Integration with our system was straightforward and took our team around a week.

People are the most important part, and the people there are amazing, thoughtful and care about us, customers. About the software, it’s simple yet powerful, user-friendly and straight to the point.

I like best the support SEON provide, they reply within minutes. It is very easy to set up call with SEON team. Documentation is very clear and provided with examples

A huge SEON fist bump and thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a review and for all the positive feedback. It genuinely makes our day. You can find the full set of G2 reviews for SEON here

As always, thanks for reading.



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