SEON Product Update: Phone API 1.2 & IP API 1.1 update

SEON Product Update: Phone API 1.2 & IP API 1.1 update

Harmful IP detection and flagging disposable phone numbers to make fraud detection work better for online businesses

We track extensive phone and IP details to make it easier for everyone to detect fraud quicker.

Disposable phone numbers & burner phones

Our Phone API 1.2 update introduces the ability to detect disposable, temporary phone numbers and identifies even more carriers and networks. We check sites like OnlineSIM and MyTrashMobile amongst many others that offer disposable numbers.

Virtual numbers and temporary, disposable numbers are automatically assigned a higher risk score as they are usually used to circumvent verification steps. The ‘Disposable’ field is passed within the Phone API response. You will be able to create filters and custom rules using this new data point. 

This update replaces carrier details from the last version so that you get better coverage and accuracy. 

We recommend updating to use Phone API 1.2 as soon as you can to ensure your rules and each lookup record is as accurate as possible. 

Harmful IPs

With the IP API 1.1 update, we track harmful IPs. We use honeypot systems and spam traps to cross-reference IPs that we know are used for SSH brute force attacks, hacking attempts, malicious IPs, Postfix/IMAP scans, Telnet scans, and spam hosts. 

Specific rules are used to avoid false positive detections of legitimate IPs. 

This ‘Harmful IP’ field is added to the IP API response and the Admin Panel. This helps you stop bad users immediately.

Both the Phone API and IP API are also included in our Fraud API.

Quicker ways to identify & stop fraud online

By being comprehensive with what we detect for phone numbers and IPs, we help to prevent losses for businesses and protect consumers from online fraud. We’re on a mission to eradicate fraud by giving more power to those fighting cybercrime.

Ask an expert or start your free trial and experience a modern fraud prevention solution!

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