SEON Product Update: Introducing Custom Lists

SEON Product Update: Introducing Custom Lists

November 9, 2021

Create a custom watchlist to monitor transactions and interactions

Sometimes you need to act quick — we get that. That’s why we made monitoring a whole lot easier. With the new Custom Lists tab, you can test your assumptions without combing through transactions manually.

  • Monitor suspicious activity: When you notice a sudden spike in suspicious behavior from a certain location, you can create a watchlist that monitors IPs from that specific area.
  • Test assumptions: No need to comb through the logs manually when you need to check something. Filter customers and transactions using the available data fields and save your search as a Custom List.
  • Update rules: Once you validate your watchlist, you can easily add a new rule to SEON and assign a risk score to these transactions automatically.

And catch fraud before it even happens.

We’re on a mission to eradicate fraud by making it hard for fraudsters to beat the system! Book a demo today or start your free trial if you’re on the same mission.

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