SEON Product Update: iGaming User Revenue Widget

SEON Product Update: iGaming User Revenue Widget

Detecting bonus and promo abuse for gambling operators


Our customers in iGaming will be happy to hear that we’ve released a new feature to aid them in their battle against bonus abusers: the User Revenue widget, which will be visible under transaction details.

Revenue Widget

Bonus abusers often play the long game – depositing low amounts over a period of time and withdrawing often, raking in many different kinds of bonuses in the process. With the User Revenue widget, you can filter both for your brands and a time period to quickly see the total revenue associated with that user, allowing you to spot bonus abusers at a glance.

Find out more from our Knowledge Base which goes into the technical details, or get in touch with us if you’d like to see how to enable this feature.

This iGaming User Revenue widget has been in the works for a while as a popular requested solution to a persistent fraud issue, and we hope that our customers will find it helpful.

At SEON, we strive to develop our product in a way that’s helpful to the front line fraud fighters, and custom features can be requested via our support. We work closely with our customers to refine features to solve their real-world fraud detection problems. 

Book a demo today or start your free trial and get fraud detection quickly set up to protect your online revenue.

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