AI Risk Decisioning Platform Provider Provenir Offers SEON to Its Fintech Customers

AI Risk Decisioning Platform Provider Provenir Offers SEON to Its Fintech Customers

Provenir, a global leader in AI-powered risk decisioning software, selects SEON to join its Data Marketplace ecosystem.  

The Provenir Marketplace provides organizations with a one-stop data hub for Open Banking, KYC/KYB, fraud, credit risk, verifications, social media, collections, affordability, and more.

As a full ecosystem, it brings together offerings from data vendors around the globe into one, easy-to-use cloud solution for data consumption. It’s no surprise that SEON would join its growing list of partners.

As Carol Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, Provenir, explained: 

Provenir x SEON partnership quote

Speaking on the partnership, Jimmy Fong, CCO at SEON commented: 

“SEON and Provenir perfectly complement each other, which makes our new partnership a match made in heaven for businesses across a number of sectors. From the first interactions, it was clear that our two businesses’ visions were fully aligned. Now, together, we will improve experiences for users across the company’s platform, while reducing the risk of fraud.

As a business, SEON is on a mission to provide more digital businesses with access to the best fraud prevention solutions. This goal is now more important than ever, particularly as businesses around the world battle for financial recovery, and even survival amidst a continued economic downturn. 

By partnering via the Provenir Marketplace, SEON and Provenir are helping such businesses to better defend against fraud.

As Jimmy Fong concluded:

“Provenir is a great partner as they target identity, fraud and credit risk. Now, with access to our data sources, the company can provide customers with more data choices to include in their credit risk management solutions. By working collaboratively, we’re able to ensure this process is as seamless and straightforward as possible.”

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