Nufi, Mexico’s Leading IDV Provider Partners With SEON

Nufi, Mexico’s Leading IDV Provider Partners With SEON

Mexico’s most comprehensive identity validation report, Nufi, is announcing a partnership with SEON to further bolster its identity software.

Nufi’s access to high-quality information sources provides great in-depth security to its customers. Adding SEON’s alternative data is a way to augment their current solutions to block fraud and boost business. As Guillermo Enriquez Chapa, Nufi’s Chief Product Officer says: 

“Our clients can now benefit from the alternative data that SEON is able to provide with the phone and email API. This will greatly boost the detection of fraudulent activities, mitigate losses from fraud, and help them make better risk decisions.”

On top of the data enrichment capabilities of SEON, Nufi will also offer the AML API, designed to boost compliance and reduce regulatory fines. Guillermo explained:

Jimmy Fong SEON’s COO also commented on the partnership:

“Nufi is already having great success using our newly launched AML API. We’re proud that SEON can be added to this IDV leader’s library of products.”

Guillermo concluded:

“’SEON’s continuous technical customer support is what we love most. SEON’s team is always willing to look for alternative data solutions that reinforce its customers’ solutions”

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