Meet our new Dashboard

Meet our new Dashboard

Big news! The SEON Dashboard got a little facelift. Armed with brand new customization options, new widgets, and under the hood improvements to the code, we hope to bring you a page that helps you find all the information you need fast. Here’s what changed.

Time to customize

With the new filtering options, you can lock your favorite settings and see what’s most important to you at a glance each time you open SEON, including the option to filter for labeled transactions.

Welcome to the club, Applied Rules Statistics

The crowd-favorite Applied Rules Statistics used to be hidden away under the Scoring Engine section (focus on used to). From now on, you can see your most recurring rules and also check which ones trigger the most declined transactions. Right from your Dashboard.

Expanding Top Locations

You asked, we listened — and expanded the list of Top Locations. Seven of your top locations will be visible at a glance, with the ability to scroll to view more. You can also zoom in on the map or hover over each country or state to view the number of transactions. The darker areas indicate a higher volume.

Team Activity tracking

From now on, you can see your team’s activity at a glance. See who was active in a selected time period and get insight into how many transactions each person has processed.

Transactions at a glance

With the updated Transactions widget, you can see the number and percentage of transactions in different states (Approve, Review, and Decline) and analyze your performance by comparing this data with a historical data set.

We also added new filters to the State Threshold widget, allowing you to see values of transactions within Approve, Review, and Decline.

For a detailed list of what’s changed, visit our Docs. Release notes are published there, detailing how each widget changed with this update.

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