Improved accuracy for IP, BIN, email, phone, and platform checks

Improved accuracy for IP, BIN, email, phone, and platform checks

We are committed to maintaining maximum accuracy and minimizing false positives and negatives to ensure businesses aren’t losing revenue. To support these efforts, in our newest update, we are bringing you a handful of useful features and tweaks that will make SEON more accurate – all in one breath.

New card-level data options

The BIN API has been updated to improve its accuracy and help you catch fraudsters using prepaid, virtual, and gift cards.

Improved geolocation accuracy in IP addresses

We are changing our IP address information source, and with this change, we can give you more accurate geolocation details. This new database is updated weekly to make sure we are always ready to stop shenanigans.

Better phone carrier checks

The newest version (v1.4) of the Phone API will give you more accurate information about phone carriers and networks. You can access these changes easily by updating your API requests to the new version.

Introducing: Priority timeout and auto-accuracy settings

Saved the best for last – this long-awaited update that lets you customize timeout settings for certain social media and digital platform checks and in email and Phone API calls. You can access these settings already via API and it will soon be available through the Admin Panel as well.

  1. Set preferences: Choose your priority social and digital platforms and set a maximum timeout for the chosen sites.
  2. Customize accuracy: Set a preferred accuracy for your priority sites and we will make sure to return data for you from these regardless of the time it takes.

If want to know more, we shared a detailed breakdown on what changed on our Knowledge Base.

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