GiftMe Implements SEON to Battle Credit Card Fraud

GiftMe Implements SEON to Battle Credit Card Fraud

With a plan to enhance the gift-giving experience in Jamaica, Giftme successfully built its business on sending personal or corporate gift cards for use in numerous different businesses.

However, Giftme quickly realized there were some issues they had not initially expected in terms of fincrime. As Rojay “Harry” Simpson Chief Product Officer of GiftMe told SEON:

At the time, we were experiencing an increase in identity and credit card fraud. We were using Stripe and leveraging their data with our manual reviews, but it was time-consuming and not comprehensive enough.

Facing the above dilemmas, Harry quickly started to look for alternate solutions:

With SEON’s seamless integration and, due to its clear documentation, no need for additional support, Harry was excited to delve into SEON’s email enrichment modules.

Harry concluded with these words on SEON:

SEON solves a very particular problem: Governments in developed countries have better governmental databases and more comprehensive ID verification of their people than they do in developing countries like Jamaica. For countries such as this, SEON emulates social data like social security numbers (SSNs). We have just started our use of SEON and are very excited to see the future.

So far the partnership has been very successful in utilizing the email enrichment module and we are excited to see the future of our collaboration reach its full potential.

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