SEON Product Update: Device Scoring with Dynamic Component

SEON Product Update: Device Scoring with Dynamic Component

Enhanced Accuracy for Device Fingerprinting


We’re excited to announce our latest product update that introduces even more detailed risk scoring to accurately profile a fraudster’s device and setup. Making it more challenging for fraudsters to trick the system whilst reducing false positives so that you don’t miss out on real users and transactions.

This update is based on our data science team’s findings. They noticed a combination of specific settings on fraudulent desktops, machines and mobiles. 

Common Tools & Device Characteristics Used by Fraudsters & Bots

You may or may not have heard of some of these. The common browser characteristics, extensions or environment setups used by fraudsters and automated bots include:

  • Browsers specifically designed to get around many existing fraud solutions such as:
  • Privacy browsers such as:
  • Browser spoofing
  • Outdated browser versions
  • Rare browser environments
  • Browser anti-fingerprinting extensions such as:
  • Unpopular screen resolutions
  • Common combinations of bots, automation or testing tools such as Selenium, Headless Chrome, Headless Firefox, PhantomJS
  • VM environments such as:

Combination of suspicious browser profiles:

  • The riskiness of the browser
  • Device, font, WebGL or canvas hashes 
  • Number of audio inputs and outputs plus video inputs in the browser

More Visibility & Accuracy in Detecting Fraudulent Attempts by Fraudsters & Automated Bots

This update to our Device Fingerprinting module associates higher scoring levels for these unusual setups and specific combinations of such characteristics. Giving you another level of fraud detection accuracy on top of common device fingerprinting that tracks standard cookie, browser and device hashes. This allows you to detect fraudsters and unnoticeable large scale attempts by bots.

Customize Your New Risk Scoring Rules

This update is rolled out as part of your default rules. You will be able to see how the scoring decision is made for these devices and have the flexibility to customise these rule settings.

Visit our Knowledge Base if you would like to learn how to configure the default rule settings. Or go straight to your Admin Panel to start using them.

Learning & Discovering New Fraud Behaviours

We openly share our new findings on fraud behaviour patterns. The transparent way we display our risk scoring decisions also helps customers learn about new fraud behaviours.

Creating awareness and sharing knowledge on new ways to detect fraud brings us all one step closer to creating a safer digital environment for every business.

We’re on a mission to eradicate fraud by making it hard for fraudsters to beat the system!

Book a demo today or start your free trial if you’re on the same mission.

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