100 Fraud Fighters Strong – And This is Just the Beginning!

100 Fraud Fighters Strong – And This is Just the Beginning!

It’s a time to reflect and celebrate here at SEON as we recently hit a huge milestone.

With the hire of our new VP of Engineering, Otto Toth, SEON has now passed the 100 employee landmark.

This comes after our €10 million (USD 12 million) Series A investment earlier this year, the largest Series A round to date in the startup history of Hungary.

Since then we have grown our teams in both Budapest and London as well as opened new regional offices in Austin, USA and Jakarta, Indonesia.

We also recently partnered with VCC Live, IDVerifact and Connected Data to boost the capabilities of our two core products, Intelligence Tool and Sense Platform.

This year we have already hit huge milestones, seen rapid growth internally and it’s amazing to have such a talented team but it doesn’t stop there…

Join us in the fight against fraud, work with the latest technologies and methodologies to support globally recognized digital brands.

See what positions are available – I Want to Be a Fraud Fighter!

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