5 Surprising Ways to Use SEON for Smart Fraud Prevention and Productivity

5 Surprising Ways to Use SEON for Smart Fraud Prevention and Productivity

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by Tamas Kadar

Let’s look at inspiring use cases of how SEON clients leverage our smart fraud prevention tools.

SEON was always built to be as transparent as it is modular. The system is designed from the ground up so businesses can integrate anti-fraud technology into their own ecosystems with complete freedom and flexibility.

And yes, our approach is pretty unique in the world of fraud prevention, but it’s also commonplace with SaaS companies. 

In fact, many attribute easy integration to the success of companies like Zapier, Slack and Calendly, where interoperability was a fresh update on the old, rigid standalone way of legacy tools.

However, one thing we did not foresee was the sheer creativity and ingenuity of how clients would use our modular tools. Below are 5 examples we hope will inspire you too.

Using SEON’s Social Media Lookup to Prevent Identity Theft

When talking to one of our clients, a European leader in the online loan industry, one use case stood out from the rest: the company’s team relies on our social media lookup feature to find open social data and quiz loan applicants about it.

In short: they improve the success of their manual reviews by focusing on very specific questions about the person’s life. Where was the last place they had been on holiday? What was the name of their dog? 

While it may seem intrusive, all the info can be gathered legally from public social data, which is a real treasure trove of authentication tools for the risk team. 

If the person’s credit risk score is low, at least they can prove their identity by answering the right questions. If they fail to provide even the most basic information, the company can be confident they were dealing with fraudsters who haven’t done their research.

  • The results: the social media lookup helps reduce ID theft by giving risk teams extra customer information at the point of onboarding.

Exporting Transaction Details to Dispute Chargebacks

Disputing chargebacks is a process no company ever wants to go through. It’s lengthy, costly, and often confusing, due to the disparity between different acquirers’ requirements.

But when you do need to contest a charge, it’s wise to be armed with as much data as possible. This is exactly why some clients use SEON’s option to export all the customer behaviour data via PDF.

Here again, social media lookup is a silver bullet, as it allows companies to prove a cardholder’s email address is connected to social networks. But other data points such as transaction details and geolocation also help improve the rate of chargeback wins. 

  • The results: social media, IP and transaction data can be exported via PDF to build a solid chargeback dispute case.

Getting Notifications About Suspicious Behaviour Via Slack

While SEON spent considerable time and effort building an intuitive Admin Panel with outstanding UX, some users might want to bypass it altogether.

This is exactly what one of our clients, a leading crypto exchange, does for monitoring risky transactions. 

Instead of logging into the Admin Panel, their risk team uses a custom Slack integration that notifies them in real-time when SEON detects suspicious activity.

Using a custom rule that monitors high volume transactions helps the team manage AML regulations. All while staying in control of the workflow and productivity with systems they are already using.

  • The results: a custom integration between the SEON platform and Slack helps a risk team monitor suspicious crypto and fiat exchanges in real-time, and stay on top of AML regulations.

Pushing Enriched Customer Data to a CRM

Fraud departments aren’t the only ones whose jobs are made easier with extra customer information. So why not use enriched data acquired by SEON elsewhere?

This is precisely what one of our clients does, by sending enriched customer info directly to their CRM. Using a custom integration, they automatically gather extra data from social media info to improve their knowledge of a customer.

Having more information helps them make better business decisions when it comes to managing customer relationships, marketing and even providing adequate support.

  • The results: automatically building a customer’s profile in a CRM with SEON’s data enrichment tools helps the marketing, sales and support teams.

Leveraging Zapier Integrations For Complete Flexibility

This is a new feature of the SEON platform, and we’re thrilled to see how customers will use it. Our Zapier integration will make it easier than ever for companies to gain full control over automation between all their favourite web apps.

So what are the possibilities? You could:

  • Link SEON to your email client and automatically message customers about suspicious login attempts 
  • instantly scan new purchase orders directly within a MySQL database 
  • Analyze signup form fields to flag duplicates on your site
  • Send SEON data directly to Google Sheets for reporting
  • And all of the custom integrations mentioned above, such as Slack notifications and CRM data sharing.

The sky is pretty much the limit here. And best of all, you’ll be able to integrate all these web tools with all the ease and flexibility that Zapier provides, so no developing knowledge is needed!

  • The results: take automation across your whole organization to the next level with SEON’s Zapier integration.

Ready to start with your new smart fraud prevention tools?

SEON is making it easier than ever to get started, whether you’re adding an extra security layer to your stack, or deploying anti-fraud tech for the first time. 

Our free trial, transparent pricing and no-upfront-fees model help you get a clear idea of how powerful our tools are, whether you need data enrichment or a full end-to-end fraud detection service

And however you use it, we’re certain it will help reduce fraud rates, while boosting productivity across your entire organization.

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Tamas Kadar

Tamás Kádár is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of SEON. His mission to create a fraud-free world began after he founded the CEE’s first crypto exchange in 2017 and found it under constant attack. The solution he built now reduces fraud for 5,000+ companies worldwide, including global leaders such as KLM, Avis, and Patreon. In his spare time, he’s devouring data visualizations and injuring himself while doing basic DIY around his London pad.

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