When We Win, Fraud Loses

When We Win, Fraud Loses

SEON’s mission has always been a fraud free world…

whether this means helping a customer protect their revenue, saving users from financial crime, or our team crushing a fraud ring.

The awards we win are the cherry on top that recognizes the hard work we all perform here at SEON and that we are one step closer to our mission.

Fraud Fighting Team Sport from SEON on Vimeo.

Company Awards

In the last few weeks, we are proud to be recognized for our work. Last week at The Europas Tech Startup Awards, which were hosted at Websummit in Lisbon, Portugal, our CEO and Founder got to walk on stage to collect the prize for SEON for 2022’s Hottest Cybersecurity Startup of the Year

Every time we win an award or someone takes notice, it is both a celebration of all of the very hard work our team puts in for our customers, and also a way that we can reach more people. Meaning more people use us to bring down fraudsters in conjunction with our partners. 

While we are boasting a little bit, granted, we are proud to have a talented team at SEON. Which means we win not only as a company, but each team wins too, in their own areas of expertise. From our Co-Founders winning Founder of the Year at the Hustle Awards through to our People team collecting a Stevie Award for Employer of the Year.

Creative Awards

In very recent history… last week, in fact, our creative team picked up four prizes at two separate awards.

SEON’s comedy webseries, Behind The Pain (Harold), grabbed:

  • Best Comedy and Best Use of Humor in Online Film and Video at the Davey Awards.
  • Bronze Judges Award and The People’s Choice Prize at the Lovie Awards. The prizes won marked this piece of content of equal merit to things produced by the top global agencies and brands such as Adidas, Netflix and Major League Baseball.

All of these plaudits are fantastic, celebrating the very best of what contributes to SEON’s continued growth and success.

But to us still, the greatest prize is pushing forward with our mission statement: to create a fraud-free world. And one day, we hope that completing that goal will be the ultimate prize. 

To help with this mission, we recently launched a Free version of SEON, to allow every company to fight fraud, no matter their size.

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