Unikrn selects SEON to help fight bonus abuse

Unikrn selects SEON to help fight bonus abuse

SEON’s flexible fraud prevention tool helps identify users who attempt to open multiple accounts on Unikrn’s bookmaking platform.

SEON, the fraud fighters, today announces it has partnered with Unikrn, the global leaders in esports betting, to help in identifying potential bonus abusers as well as users who attempt to open multiple accounts.  

Esports as an industry has great growth potential. However, when any market rapidly accelerates, fraudsters are usually on hand looking to exploit any weaknesses in a brand’s system. Therefore, Unikrn stepped up its fraud prevention operations by seeking the expertise of SEON to ensure that only genuine users access its platform and help the company comply with the IOM Gambling Supervision Commission’s regulations. 

Unikrn, by integrating SEON’s tool via Chrome extension and utilising SEON’s Sense platform, will have near-immediate access to SEON’s services. Additionally, it will also have access to rich data taken from the email, phone number or IP addresses it gathers from customers, while also collecting all accessible data points about customers’ digital footprints from social media profiles, available via open sources in the public domain. This allows Unikrn to help prevent fraudsters committing bonus abuse fraud — where fraudsters create multiple accounts to claim promotions run by businesses.   

Having launched in 2014 as a collaboration between Rahul Sood and Karl Flores, Unikrn has become one of the world’s leading esports companies by building extensive crossroads between betting, gaming and emerging technologies. Its team has been driving innovation in bookmaking for esports and video games for years and has patent-pending technologies underpinning the world-renowned platform.  

Kirsty Knight, Head of Compliance at Unikrn, said:

“Our mission is to always ensure our customers have a safe place in which to enjoy and bet on esports. This partnership with SEON and its innovative fraud prevention offering helps us to keep fraudsters out and provide additional security and protection.” 

Tamas Kadar, CEO and Founder at SEON, commented:

“Esports is a key sector for us and where we feel we can provide real value in fighting fraud. We’re proud to be partnering with Unikrn and working closely with them to ensure they use our platform to its full potential. We look forward to growing our relationship even more and help each other to improve our offerings.” 

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