SEON Partners with DevCode Identity

SEON Partners with DevCode Identity

We are proud to announce the beginning of our partnership with DevCode Identity, the leading supplier of the iGaming industry’s KYC solutions.

Their mission is to become the world’s most trusted identity platform, by delivering a solution that makes it faster, simpler and safer to onboard- and prove the identity of any online customer, and to that extent, they offer a multi-channel platform for identification methods, regardless of country or technology.

With a single integration, the customers get access to a global set of best-in-class Digital ID, eIDV, KYC, AML and fraud solutions.

DevCode Team

About Our Partnership

We are proud to say that DevCode Identity recognised SEON’s value and we’re thrilled to have partnered with them in what is one of our key sectors. The collaboration has been very smooth, both from a technical and business standpoint and we look forward to growing our relationship, even more, to help protect merchants across the iGaming sector.

With a core focus on iGaming, the DevCode Identity Platform allows merchants to verify customers in real time, wherever they are, with a single API. As a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform, it enables merchants to outsource all authentication, on-boarding and KYC processes safely, with the knowledge that its customers’ identities are correct and there are no fraudsters trying to open accounts or access existing ones. At the same time, customers can rest assured that no one is able to access their accounts.

How Can Merchants Access SEON?

iGaming merchants using the DevCode Identity Platform, will be able to use the SEON tool to catch fraudsters by defining rules and actions, such as on withdrawals to determine if accounts have been involved in any fraudulent activities. Based on the rich data provided by SEON, the merchant will then be able to block the transaction and action the suspicious behaviour.

Through the DevCode Identity Platform customers will have near-immediate access to SEON’s services and will be able to skip the long integration times experienced when it comes to most fraud prevention tools.

We hope that merchants will increase the efficiency of their KYC procedures by leveraging digital footprint analysis through data provided by customers on registration, such as email addresses or phone numbers, cutting time spent both on manual reviews as well as false positives.

This allows DevCode Identity to ensure that its merchants can wean out any fraudulent accounts during the onboarding process without causing unnecessary friction by verification for legitimate customers.

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