Mexico’s Largest neobank Partners with SEON to Help Battle Fincrime

Mexico’s Largest neobank Partners with SEON to Help Battle Fincrime

Mexico City-based Neobank Klar has a solid mission to serve the underbanked population in Mexico. A mission that it is achieving with massive growth adding over 1.4 million customers in 12 months and enabling over $100 million worth of loans, all whilst employing over 200 people in Mexico and globally in their design and engineering hub in Berlin.

However, with their growth and noble mission comes opportunistic fraudsters. Klar faced the issue of having an underbanked population with little credit history, which is where it found itself looking for a software to fill in these blanks. Rafael Sainz from the Credit Strategy Team at Klar said:

With this new partnership, Klar has been able to effectively scale its business in the Latin American market. Rafael followed up with:

Effective fraud protection is crucial in fintech and alternative credit lending. As a result of our collaboration with SEON, we are better equipped to create solid strategies that reduce risks and protect the interests users. SEON’s whitebox model, fraud score, and data provided by the dashboard give us superior powers to spot and stop fraudulent activity in real-time.

Rafael concluded with some great words for the team at SEON: 

Since the beginning of the relationship, SEON’s team has been highly effective and continuously exceeded my expectations. They are incredibly quick to respond and dedicated to finding a solution to any problem. Their promptness in responding 24/7 across different timezones to questions was one of the most notable features of my experience, offering me peace of mind and enabling me to move forward with my initiatives with confidence.

SEON is proud to be working with a business serving underbanked populations and supporting them in their incredible mission. Offering a scalable pay-as-you-use option for businesses is one of the ways we are looking to help all our customer’s missions.

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