G2 Spring 2023 and Global Brand Magazine: Leading Anti Fraud Solutions Provider

G2 Spring 2023 and Global Brand Magazine: Leading Anti Fraud Solutions Provider

Customer-driven recognition for SEON with G2 Spring 2023 and Global Brand Magazine Awards 

Here at SEON we are proud to be working with some of the most revolutionary, forward-thinking companies in some of the most innovative, cutting edge industries. SEON enables them to battle fincrime whilst they protect and delight their customers. One of our core values is to be customer driven so when they leave us feedback, we listen and grow from it.

One of the best ways we get feedback is through our partnership with G2. I’m sure you are aware at this point of what G2 is. However, if not, as my colleague puts it – ‘it’s Trip Advisor for software’. This perfectly sums it up, as we receive unbiased, honest feedback that feeds into our product and how we help organizations with our Customer Success team.  This year we’re delighted to appear again in leadership positions in their recent rankings thanks to our great customer reviews.

G2 awards – Spring 2023:

We are delighted to have ranked #1 in the following 6 categories based on customer reviews:

Mid-Market Grid® for Fraud Detection Software

Fraud Detection Relationship Index: Mid-Market

E-commerce Fraud Protection Relationship Index: Mid-Market

Mid-Market Grid® for E-commerce Fraud Protection Software

Fraud Detection Usability Index: Mid-Market

Fraud Detection Results Index: Mid-Market

We’ve won a number of these awards from G2 in previous quarters and we’ve maintained our outstanding rating and high review numbers. We’re delighted, honoured, and very grateful to remain a leader in the highly competitive anti-fraud and AML categories. Reading each and every one assures us that we are acting on feedback and consistently improving, all whilst truly doing something that makes a difference and helps our mission to make it a fincrime-free world. 

SEON has been instrumental in reducing fraudulent transactions within our business. By effectively identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, we have saved considerable time and resources… Additionally, it has helped us maintain a positive reputation with our customers and payment providers.

SEON impress me with their smart machine learning and rich data features. It helps us catch and stop fraud, saving our business from losing money. The quick analysis and reports are really helpful, and it fits well with our current systems.

I appreciate the advanced machine learning capabilities of SEON, which has helped our company significantly reduce fraud rates.

Read the full report here

Global Brands Magazine

Following on from G2, it was also another great validation point of how our customers see SEON, with the announcement that we’d won another award where SEON has been elected as Leading Anti Fraud Solutions Provider 2023, by Global Brands Magazine UK.

In a competitive space, it means a lot to everyone at SEON and our customers to get the recognition and hopefully reflects our value to be customer-driven and shows we’re heading in the right direction. If you watched the Customer Success video above, you may have picked up on the last sentence – “catching fraudsters is a teamsport”.

Both G2 and the recent award is a true reflection of the partnership between SEON, its customers and all those fraud fighters out there trying to prevent fincrime. It makes me think of one last quote

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends” – Walt Disney

As always, thanks for reading


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