FS Tech Awards: Cyber Security Solution of the Year

FS Tech Awards: Cyber Security Solution of the Year

The worlds of cybersecurity, cyber-crime, fraud and fin-crime are connected and the early signs of their convergence can be seen in some of the recent research and activity in the market. SEON is typically positioned as a fraud solution or increasingly a fin-crime platform (thanks to our recent launch of our Anti-Money Laundering solution). Our data enrichment capabilities are often used to provide real-time context for a wider set of use cases that include cybersecurity. There’s no better way to explain the current state of cybercrime than our recent SEON x video episode with The FBI

Since SEON  was founded, we’ve prevented $160bn of fraud which is something we’re pretty proud of achieving in five years. Fraud and identity theft are two of the key types of cybercrime and we were delighted that this was recognised in the recent FSTech Awards where we won “Cybersecurity Solution of the Year – sponsored by JP Morgan Chase”. 

We were shortlisted in three categories but what is particularly rewarding is that this is the second year we’ve won the award because of the way SEON and our customers have been challenging competitors and the status quo. 

A huge thank you to everyone who voted. This award really belongs to our customers and how they use SEON, our fraud capabilities, the data enrichment parts of our platform and the new AML offering to help protect their customers and their organisations. You can find some of the amazing customer stories here

It’s also great recognition to our customer success team (many of whom are former fraud analysts themselves). The CS team are in the trenches and on the front-line with our customers helping them spot new threats, patterns and malicious tactics to commit cybercrime. You can hear a lot more from them and what they do below:

From the iGaming industries to the airline ambassadors, the neo banks to the digital loaners, the shopify users to the NFT touters. It is truly each and every one of you, specific and unique, to large and diversified. All the feedback you provide enables our progress everyday to fight fincrime on all levels. 

To find out more about what our customers say about us then feel free to check out our G2 reviews or feel free to dive right in and try SEON for free

Thank you again – it means a lot. 

Sincerely SEON

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