Day One Protection with New Use Case-Specific Rules

Day One Protection with New Use Case-Specific Rules

Happy April, fraud fighter; how have you been? Another month has gone by, which means we’re back in your inbox with a basketful of Astonishing, Powerful, Refreshing, Illuminating, and Lucrative product updates you need to hear about. Introducing the new use case-specific default rules, a GPT integration, and more responsive and convenient Admin pages! Plus, a bunch of useful content for your reading and viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Product updates

New default rules to fight off fraudsters in every case 

We bring you a new set of use case-specific default rules to help you fight fraud without in-depth customization. Get hold of the new rules.

AML module-1

Simplifying complex Anti-Fraud Rules with the help of AI 

We’re excited to announce our GPT integration that will help you better understand machine learning rules, even if you don’t speak computer. See how it works.

Transaction Details page-1

Another round of page updates

Tiny but impactful changes on the Merchants and Customers pages. Just keeping things neat and tidy, more to come soon! Explore the revamped pages.

Watch The Knowledge

Introducing our newest series of short-form, educational videos: say hello to The Knowledge! Learning about technologies can be a total snooze-fest, but fear not – our videos are anything but boring. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our videos are perfect for enhancing your SEON knowledge and skills. Get ready to have a blast while discovering the ins and outs of SEON.

A Default Rules deep-dive & more

To close things off, here are a couple of newly published/updated pages from SEON Docs worth checking out:

  1. Default Rules
  2. Rule Categories
  3. AML data sources
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