Award for Fraud – A pretty hot summer for SEON, winning founder, product and employer recognition.

Award for Fraud – A pretty hot summer for SEON, winning founder, product and employer recognition.

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well and have had a lovely summer. We had a series of pretty great award wins here at SEON over the last few weeks. But before that – it feels like a good time for an award-related dad joke to get us started:

Did you hear about the scarecrow that won an award?
He was outstanding in his field. 

Luckily, SEON’s products, founders and company culture are much better than my jokes (if you can call them jokes).

Founders award – The Hustle

First up was a recent win at The Hustle Awards, where our very own Tamas Kadar and Bence Jendruszak won The Founder(s) Of The Year 2022 award. You can get an overview of why they won here (page 12) and a picture of them both wearing some pretty splendid coats. The judges commented:

SEON is an incredible business with a groundbreaking AI product that solves the huge problem of online fraud. This entry demonstrates concrete evidence of ROI, success, growth and expansion”.

In a slightly “meta” twist of fate, Tamas and Bence couldn’t be there so Michael Beddoes (SEON’s Creative Director) picked up the award their stead, in what appears to be a case of (literally) award-winning identity fraud. You can see the video evidence here

Product award – GetApp

On to the product side of things! Getapp, a leading platform to help organizations select the right software based on customer reviews and feedback, has awarded SEON as Category Leader for Risk Management software globally. Everyone at SEON is pretty proud that this is voted for by actual customers, and some highlights include:

  • 99/100 rating from GetApp
  • 4.8/5 for value for money (based on 50 reviews)
  • 4.9/5 for functionality (based on 50 reviews)

If you want to find out more, you can always ask an expert, try the product or check out more of our customer stories

Employer award – The Stevies

We’ve spent a lot of time at SEON making sure we’re creating the kind of place people want to work, supporting them and building a culture where people can be themselves and do their best work with a smile on their face. It would have meant a lot if that effort was even recognised by the likes of The Stevies, but winning an Employer Of The Year 2022 Award on our first time entering was a very pleasant surprise (great stuff from SEON’s Dóra Garai). The judges’ comments were incredibly rewarding to see:

Great company, that invests in its people, who themselves are passionate about their product and mission.

SEON Technologies is a growing company and has an impressive story. They are focusing on the wellbeing of their employees which is a key asset for them at this stage.

SEON Technologies has a great pace of growth, while building a multi-cultural, diverse and vibrant team, backed by a great retention rate. They have some other great employee benefits too. Well done.

Many thanks to The Stevies and looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who voted or left reviews. It means a lot. 

It is a pretty exciting time to be a Fraud Fighter and there’s plenty more to find out at

As always, thanks for reading. 


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