Anti-Fraud & AML – Fight Fincrime in One Place with SEON

Anti-Fraud & AML – Fight Fincrime in One Place with SEON


With the launch of our new AML API, we cover more of the fincrime landscape to be your single point of reference for anti-fraud and anti-money laundering insights.

Tackle fraud and 6AMLD compliance with a single tool. The new AML API makes anti-money laundering checks efficient and pain-free. 

Screen a name against PEP, RCA, Sanctions, Crime Lists, and Watch Lists, and add it to continuous AML monitoring. 

Pair the data with our data enrichment to uncover more insights connected to that person’s email, phone, and IP – it’s never been easier to access even more KYC data with SEON.

What is AML API?

Our AML API allows you to run AML checks via API integration or our user-friendly Admin Panel. 

Using your customer’s first, middle, last, and date of birth, we check matches and similarities across 40 global sanctions and watchlists. See our complete list of data sources here.

Results are displayed in a structured, easy-to-understand manner in the Admin Panel so that you can easily see if they are genuinely connected to your customer or not. 


You can then block suspicious customers, add them to a custom list in SEON, create rules based on data connected to them, or set up automatic AML monitoring if you want to.

AML monitoring helps you stay compliant with continuous monitoring so that you’re aware of changes as soon as the sources are updated. You can choose to only monitor risky individuals to keep your cost down.

Why use AML API?

In highly regulated industries, doing business with the wrong person can lead to reputation loss, fines, or even imprisonment. However, for online banking, money lending, and iGaming companies, these challenges come hand-in-hand with the risk of fraud.

That’s why we’ve expanded our anti-fraud toolset to include support for AML processes. You can use AML API to provide evidence of AML and KYC checks while protecting your business from reputation loss.

Coupled with the data uncovered by our data enrichment solutions, AML API will allow you to make more accurate risk assessments. As a result, you can achieve 6AMLD compliance with minimal overhead and protect your business.

How to get started with AML API

We’ve got great news. You don’t have to go through another integration process if you already use our Fraud API. AML API runs as a module of our Fraud API, meaning all you have to do is add the required fields to your API request. Head over to the API reference page for an overview.

Using the Fraud API, you’ll get data enrichment results and AML matches in a single API response. 

That’s all the information your teams need to counter fincrime effectively in one place, making SEON your single source for protecting your business from the bad guys.

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