31 March 2020

Bonus Abuse Exposed -
Insights from a former professional,
Ada Lovelace

Learn from a real-life professional about how fraudsters identify exploitable value on your platform and cause financial losses.

It is estimated that bonus abuse costs the online gaming industry up to 15% of its gross revenue. Combined with multi-accounting fraud, it is substantially more painful than payment fraud, yet it receives little attention. We teamed up with Ada Lovelace, a professional ex bonus abuser, to show you how the act works in practice.

We believe learning from the best is what drives excellence, so Ada will offer insight about how one evolves to become a bonus abuser, the process of recruiting identities and the intrinsic behaviours associated with advantage players. Ada will also go into details about how operators can utilise these unique behaviours to prevent bonus abusers from attacking their platforms.

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4:00 PM

Central European Summer Time

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31 March



  • Scale of the problem
  • CV of a bonus abuser: who are they? What does the life of a professional look like?
  • Why does the industry struggle to tackle the problem?
  • How do fraudsters succeed with identity fraud?
  • What tools are criminals leveraging to complete their operations?
  • Unique behaviours and data points that can be utilised.
  • How to identify a fraudster's attack before they take place?
  • How to verify new customers in a frictionless, secure way?

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