Payment fraud

Decline fraudulent transactions and grow your sales

Online businesses are faced with fraudulent transactions on a day-to-day basis. Stolen credentials are easily obtained by fraudsters in order to conduct payment fraud. Our platform helps to mitigate the losses due to friendly fraud, stolen credit card purchases or any kind kind of online payments. We make sure that the losses are minimised and the conversion rates are maximised.

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Transaction Monitoring

SEON’s fraud prevention tools accurately detect any anomalies during online payment processes and fine-tunes its algorithm by ML and human intelligence.

Friendly Fraud

The optional shared fraud pattern database of SEON enables the cross merchant detection of friendly fraudsters.

Stolen Credit Card Credentials

Lower your chargeback rates by utilising a management tool that takes all of the relevant risk vectors into consideration. Fraudsters don’t have a chance!

Real Time Scoring

The transaction analysis has zero effect on the user experience. All of the decision making happens real time, in the blink of an eye.

Account takeover

Protect your clients by identifying unauthorized account takeovers

Fraudsters are adapting sophisticated phishing and hacking methods to steal account credentials. Our fraud prevention tools can easily be implemented to several action points (e.g. signups, logins, interactions) in order to monitor and authenticate the online users.

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Device Fingerprinting

The device fingerprinting tool accurately identifies users with unusual device activities during the authentication process.

Instant Authentication

The SEON API’s run down instantaneously, therefore the user experience is not affected and the security measures are maximised. SEON enables dynamic 2FA to improve the UX and minimise costs.

IP Analysis

The Proxy API detects users that are trying to mask their connection. Various attributes are analysed while scoring the IP address.

Shared Fraud Databases

The blacklist databases are constantly updated across the clients of SEON. By this the odd anomalies are foreseen by the platform.

Abuse prevention

Prevent abusers from taking advantage of your reward/loyalty programs

Multi-accounting, promo abuse, fake contents and users are major problems across several high risk online industries. Users take advantage of promotions multiple times with numerous accounts and therefore abuse the terms of the merchant. The SEON risk platform enables merchants to easily mitigate the risk of such dishonest activities by monitoring the user-base and activities in real time.

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Anomaly Detection

The SEON risk engine easily detects any unusual anomalies related to multi-accounting. All relevant attributes such as device, IP, email and password uniqueness related information are monitored.

Signup Verification

It is important to monitor the users from day-one in order to effectively filter any potential abusers. Our system ensures that online business are always one step ahead of fraudsters.

Promo Adjustments

Promotion usage terms can now be more flexible. Merchants don’t have to worry about dishonest users, the risk platform will identify multi accounting users in real-time.

User Monitoring

Customers will be monitored with zero affect on the user experience. SEON ensures real time risk classification.

User profiling / KYC

Know every detail about your clients and make better decisions

The SEON risk engine enables online businesses to gain a better overview of the user-base. Our modules can provide useful additional information to the identity profile of a client. The different social media presences, device, phone number and IP related information can help make better business related decision throughout customer identification.

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Social Media Profiling

The social media profiling feature of the Email API provides a deeper insight about the email address validity.

Device and Connection Analysis

The device fingerprinting module and the Proxy API gather relevant information and provide a clear picture of the technological environment of a user.

Strengthened KYC

The modular features of the SEON fraud prevention tool can easily serve as powerful additional mechanisms in an already in place KYC process.

360degree User Profiling

The SEON risk platform collects and compiles a 360degree view about the customers of any online business. Therefore, it allows businesses to make better user profiling related decisions.