One solution across all industries

SEON is the key to reduce your losses caused by fraud


Purchases conducted through stolen credit cards and friendly fraud are both increasing rapidly worldwide. Our solutions help you to minimize these issues.

Digital financial services

Payment gateways and money transfer services are both affected by fraud. We provide a clear picture about your users and their actions.


Fake account creation, abuse and spam could cause you a high amount of losses. Our Action Points understand your users behaviour and is able to stop fraudsters at the right time.

Streaming services

Reversible payments are widely used by streaming services. We protect your online business against unathorized payments.

Online gambling

With our Behavioural Analytics features we can stop fraudsters who might use your site to launder money or to deposit money with stolen credit cards.

Travel companies

Airline companies, travel agencies are both working with CNP payments. With the use of our platform you can be assured that your operations are safe from fraudulent users.