Chargebacks, bots and account abuse isn’t just the bane of eCommerces anymore.

Fraudsters are diversifying. Startups and established SaaS are just as likely to be attacked as eCommerces for their free trial offers, or the data they carry. So how do you implement a fraud prevention system that doesn’t disrupt your platform? With SEON, you have complete control over which Rest APIs to integrate based on your chosen data fields. You get an end-to-end solution that prevents, flags, and ultimately reduces all fraudulent behavior on your platform.

Increase conversion

The accuracy of the SEON engine means fewer false positives and higher subscription figures. In real-world examples, some vendors improved their conversion by up to 10% after implementing our fraud-detection solution.

Seamless modular integration

SEON is easy to integrate through Rest APIs. Our modular approach means you only select the modules that make sense for your company, whether it is device fingerprinting, email address profiling or IP analysis.

Slash transaction risks

SEON takes all of the relevant risk vectors into consideration to reduce chargeback rates and friendly fraud. Whether your SaaS is an enterprise subscription based solution or designed for everyday use, you don’t have to close the door to legitimate sales to fence off fraudsters.

Cut chargeback fees

SEON’s management tools takes all of the relevant risk vectors into consideration to reduce chargeback rates and friendly fraud. And you can do it all without impacting your users’ experience: results come in less than 1s and can cut your manual review time by 15 mins.

And the best of all?

A fraud prevention system that improves with every use.

The SEON engine fine-tunes its algorithm thanks to machine-learning and human intelligence. Blacklist databases are constantly updated across the network of SEON clients, so fraud prediction results get increasingly accurate overtime.

The Downsides of Shared Blacklists

In the market for a fraud prevention tool? You’ll look at various options. Compare providers. And you’ll soon notice most of them proudly offer shared blacklists as a strong selling point. The problem? It’s not always something you want.

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As developers of a fraud prevention tool, we have to know what we’re up against. It’s not enough to create a platform that reduces fraud by detecting patterns: we have to understand exactly how fraudsters operate.