With a market set to reach $4 Trillion by 2020, consumers have more online shopping options than ever.

These days, customer experience is as important as the products displayed in your store. Payment needs to be fast, easy, and frictionless. So how do you implement an extra layer of security between payment and shipping without affecting genuine users? SEON authenticates guests at signup and the point of sale. Transparently, accurately, and in the blink of an eye.

Speed up customer checkout

Transaction or authentification analysis comes with zero effect on user experience. SEON enables dynamic 2FA to improve the UX and minimise costs. Decision making happens in real time, so your sales do not suffer.

Increase conversion

The accuracy of the SEON engine means fewer false positives and higher sale figures. In real-world examples, some eCommerce solutions improved their conversion by up to 10% after implementing our fraud-detection solution.

Cut chargeback fees

SEON’s management tools takes all of the relevant risk vectors into consideration to reduce chargeback rates and friendly fraud - whether you are shipping wares to physical addresses or delivering digital goods.

Get more from promos

SEON’s prevention tools accurately detect anomalies in accounts and transactions data so you get more flexibility over your promotions. Filter out abusers and keep honest customers coming back for more by rewarding their loyalty.

Avoid gift card fraud

Protect your eCommerce gift card program by detecting suspicious behaviour before it’s too late. SEON’s pattern analysis is as efficient at flagging multiple account takeovers as minor fraud scams designed to drain small amounts of money from your users.

And the best of all?

A fraud prevention system that improves with every use.

The SEON engine fine-tunes its algorithm thanks to machine-learning and human intelligence. Blacklist databases are constantly updated across the network of SEON clients, so fraud prediction results get increasingly accurate overtime.