Which Product Should You Choose? SEON Sense vs Intelligence Tool;

Which Product Should You Choose? SEON Sense vs Intelligence Tool

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by Tamas Kadar

As a company built by fraud managers for fraud managers, we often get asked about why we segmented our tools into two different categories.

Here is the complete guide to choosing SEON Sense or SEON Intelligence. But first, let’s explain the reasoning behind the split.

Why Offer Two Different Products?

When we first started investigating fraud management systems, we realised that a lot of legacy providers locked their customers into year-long (and expensive) contracts. We also knew that integrations could be frightening from a business perspective, so we wanted to allow companies to:

  • Select out technology as a complete fraud solution.
  • Only use extra features to add them as an extra layer on top of their risk stack.
  • Give flexibility into what kind of features they needed or not.

This is what prompted us to split our offerings into two products, SEON Sense and SEON Intelligence.

What is SEON Sense?

SEON Sense is our flagship product. It’s an end-to-end risk management solution, which is good for flagging, investigating and reducing fraud. It is purpose-built for high volume companies in high-risk markets, with enough flexibility to adapt to any vertical.

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The way it works is simple:

  1. Acquires as much information about users on your site as possible.
  2. Feeds that data through risk rules.
  3. Gives you a risk score, which you can use to APPROVE, REVIEW or DECLINE the action.

These actions can be a user signup, login or payment. The key to the platform is that you have complete control over the risk rules. You can add as many as you like based on thousands of parameters. You can also get suggestions from our Machine Learning engine.

For step one, you can acquire data via various modules, including those found in SEON Intelligence. 

What About SEON Intelligence?

SEON Intelligence is a data enrichment tool. It allows you to learn more about users based on an email address, phone number or IP address. This includes a reverse social media lookup and a risk score, which can be useful to know how confident you should be about their presence on your site.

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Let’s dive more into the best use cases for both.

Common Scenarios to Choose our Products

I Am Starting a New Business and Need a Complete Fraud Management System

Then SEON Sense is right for you. It is designed to offer flexibility in how you integrate it into your system via API calls and comes with a GUI for easy investigation and team management. 

I Only Need Extra Information About Users

This is where SEON Intelligence really shines. It’s a frictionless and lightweight way to learn more about users based on an email address, IP address or phone number – all data points which you should already ask for.

I’ve Already Signed Up With a Fraud Management System and Need Extra Help

Here again, SEON Intelligence works best. A high proportion of our clients use other provider’s risk management platforms or their own, and use data enrichment as an extra helping hand, especially for manual reviews.

I Need to Customise Risk Rules to Reduce My Industries’ Fraud Attacks

This is a job for SEON Sense. You get custom rules, suggestions from Machine Learning and powerful analytics and reporting tools.

I’d Like a GUI to Visualise Fraud and to Investigate It

SEON Sense comes with a GUI designed to be easy to understand, intuitive, and to offer a great user experience, whether you work alone or part of a huge anti-fraud team.

I’ve Got a Fraud Detection Tool But I’d Like to Switch

Then don’t worry so much about business disruption. SEON Sense is designed to be up and running in days rather than months. We can import all your previous rules, historical data, and start reducing fraud as soon as the system is integrated.

I Want to Get More Data With Minimum Integration

Good news! That’s exactly why we launched our Chrome Extension for SEON Intelligence, which allows you to get the same data and risk scoring, directly from your favourite browser.

SEON Sense Vs Intelligence Comparison Table

Intelligence Tool VS Sense Platform

Letting You Fight Fraud How You See Fit

Offering a modular solution and product flexibility was always at the core of SEON’s design. While it may seem to complicate things for curious users, it is a wonderful way to help you customise and control your fraud-fighting solution with our technology.

In fact, even other risk management platforms integrate some of SEON’s technology, such as TruNarrative, used by financial leaders for risk decisioning. 

And for even more integration freedom, do check how you can integrate our products with other apps via Zapier for better productivity hacks.

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Tamas Kadar

Tamas is the founder and CEO of SEON and an expert in all the technological aspects of fraud prevention.

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