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Our data enrichment technology will now be used by the subscription service to empower creators and their fans.

Patreon needs little introduction these days, as the platform currently gives more than 200,000 creators the tools they need to acquire, manage, and deliver content to their 6M active patrons.

The subscription platform, launched only in 2013, has now achieved unicorn status, and is slowly building a new economy for artists, musicians, illustrators and videographers alike. Their vision is that fans can be more than followers and that artists can finally get rewarded for the impact they have on our lives. 

A New, Safer Economy For Creators

For Patreon, it’s not simply a question of managing fraud, but also to have a safe and trustworthy environment for both artists and patrons. 

The company wants to be a revenue enabler and not a revenue blocker for their partners, even if they are affected by the usual methods of fraud – from card testing to account takeovers due to data breaches and darknet markets – they need to manage these threats in a way that’s low on false positives and is as friction-free for the users as possible.

SEON Helps Enrich Patreon’s User Data

As Jacqueline Hart, Head of Trust & Safety at Patreon, explained on our Cat and Mouse Podcast recently: 

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Patreon will integrate SEON’s tool alongside its existing fraud solutions, ensuring a fully optimised payment experience by maximising payment acceptance and minimising declines based on having the most up-to-date information.

What’s more, SEON’s processes take place in real time and entirely in the back-end so patrons won’t experience any additional friction during the payment process, while security is bolstered. 

Looking Forward to a Fraud-Free, Creative Future

Needless to say, we are very proud that Patreon chose our solution to achieve their goal. When we started SEON, we wanted to do things differently from other legacy fraud prevention tools, as we felt they do not fit either the needs of modern online businesses, nor their customers who demand a friction-free user experience. 

Moreover, our approach allows our partners to keep up the arms race with increasingly sophisticated methods of fraud, which we believe other providers are often struggling with. 

The fact that Patreon – a platform that is now a household day for millions of people across the globe – chose us is a tremendous acknowledgement that our approach is the correct one when it comes to serving the needs of customers and businesses. 

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Bence Jendruszak

Bence is the co-founder and COO of SEON, built with a vision to create a safer online environment for merchants in high risk verticals.

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