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TruNarrative Partners With SEON to Deliver One-Click Data Enrichment

TruNarrative Partners With SEON to Deliver One-Click Data Enrichment

UK RegTech TruNarrative deploys SEON’s data enrichment as an extra security layer for its clients.

TruNarrative’s mission is simple: to allow their clients to onboard users, process transactions and score risk as easily as possible. They offer digital transformation solutions for ID verification, eKYC & eKYB, fraud detection, AML compliance and account monitoring, amongst others. With a strong focus on ease of use and frictionless customer journeys, their ideals align with ours at SEON, which is why we believe the partnership is a perfect match.

Single API Integration

“The depth and extent of [SEON’s] data means we can offer our customers an even wider range of fraud prevention and verification tools.”

SEON’s data enrichment tools, whether for IP analysis, or email and phone lookup, are increasingly adopted as an additional security layer by fraud managers worldwide. Our use of integration, via a single API, combined with the quality of the data we can acquire, is what made TruNarrative take notice of our data enrichment capabilities. As Andy Pearson, Head of Data and Third-Party Relationships at TruNarrative put it:

“We are delighted to be partnering with SEON, enhancing the fraud prevention solutions available for our customers. The depth and extent of their data means we can offer our customers an even wider range of fraud prevention and verification tools.”

A Vetted Fraud Vendor on the App Store

TruNarrative offers its clients a wide range of third-party solutions in:

  • Crime detection
  • Customer onboarding
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Compliance processes

They help businesses pick and choose the processes they need to build ideal customer journeys that include identity verification, eKYC, eKYB, AML, and account and transaction monitoring. Their clients only need to select the right vendor from TruNarrative’s App Store, where 40 data partners’ tools are available at the click of a button. SEON will join a long list of outstanding partners, allowing fraud managers to instantly benefit from our unmatched 50+ social network checks, amongst others.

Transforming the Online World, One Integration at a Time

Perhaps the most exciting part of the announcement is that it’s advancing innovation in how businesses can deploy anti-fraud tools. As Tamas Kadar, SEON CEO, put it:

“TruNarrative and SEON have a lot of mutual sectors where we dove-tail. In the past, businesses in these industries have not had access to solutions that fit their business models.”

This is all a thing of the past thanks to innovative integration methods, lower costs, and powerful risk management features. “Since its inception, SEON has been on a mission to change this,” Tamas continues. “And Trunarrative is the perfect company to do it with. We fully expect the partnership to grow rapidly and successfully.”

You can find more information about the Leeds-based TruNarrative here.

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