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Playtech Integrates SEON to Enhance KYC Procedures

Playtech Integrates SEON to Enhance KYC Procedures

We’re excited to announce that leading gaming software developers Playtech have onboarded SEON to support their fight against fraud! 

The online gambling market is one of the fastest-growing markets (expected to reach $1 trillion this year) and yet the sector remains a target for fraudsters.

Through the new partnership, Playtech will integrate our data enrichment technology into its IMS platform, enabling the firm to access a range of alternative data via email, phone or IP analysis to help verify users and block bad actors.

Mark Jones, SAAS Commercial Partnerships and Research Manager at Playtech, commented:

“Our vision at Playtech is to remove barriers for our customers, particularly when it comes to technology while keeping them at the forefront of innovation. That’s why we’re committed to offering industry-leading products and content, but also best-in-class security and peace of mind too. It therefore made perfect sense to partner with SEON, who can offer us exactly that. Their commitment to minimizing fraud is key at a time when our industry is seeing unparalleled activity from fraudsters.”

Playtech will use our tech to enhance their KYC checks, reduce time spent tracing applicants to confirm their identity, and uncover more information about their potential users.  

Tamas Kadar, CEO and Co-Founder at SEON, said:

“We’ve all seen the impact that the pandemic has had on fraud, and the gaming industry has been severely hit. That’s why it’s critical that companies prevent attacks from cybercriminals, rather than deal with the fallout when it’s too late, and why Playtech has made the move to integrate SEON as part of our ongoing partnership. We look forward to working together long into the future.”

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