Proxy API

The Proxy API generates a risk score associated to a single IP address, revealing any anomalies related to IP spoofing/masking.

ISP and Location verification

The API verifies the location and the riskiness of the Internet Service Provider behind the IP address.

Datacenter identification

In case a user is trying to mask their connection, the Proxy API identifies if the connection is rooting to a data center.

Spam blacklist validation

The IP address is validated by the spam blacklist check process in order to identify any prior anomalies from the certain connection.

Open Port ping

The open ports of the IP address are pinged in order to aid the identification of Proxy, VPN or Tor usage.

Proxy/VPN/TOR identification

Proxy, VPN or TOR usage is immediately identified by the API, unveiling any attempts at masking the connection.


The risk score is generated in real-time by responding in less than 1 second. The scoring is always accurate, providing an in depth picture of all IP address related information.

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