Fraud API

The end-to-end solution depicts all of the relevant fraud vectors on the Admin Panel (GUI).

Hybrid Algorithm

The risk scores are aggregated by the Scoring Engine and Machine Learning models to ensure high catch rates and low false positive rates.

Scoring Engine

With the help of the Scoring Engine, custom rules can be imported and set up in a simple, user-friendly environment. This ensures a total white-box solution.

Feedback Data

Our Label API collects the post-back data from the payment gateway (eg. authorised, cancelled, chargeback) and the engine is retrained based on the new information.

Network of Fraud Patterns

Our clients optionally share fraud patterns and anonymised analysis reports in order to ensure the highest standards of fraud prevention services.

Transaction Analysis

The Fraud API handles 62 pre-defined data fields related to a transaction and an unlimited number of any industry specific custom fields enriched with over 3000 metrics.

Behaviour Analytics

Our API can be implemented to different action points (e.g. signup, login, account edit) to eliminate any type of sophisticated attacks.

We Tried To Buy Travel Tickets on the Dark Web: Here’s What We Found

As developers of a fraud prevention tool, we have to know what we’re up against. It’s not enough to create a platform that reduces fraud by detecting patterns: we have to understand exactly how fraudsters operate.

5 Tips on Properly Training Fraud Managers

As provider of a fraud prevention tool, we get to visit many business offices around the world. Some of them are small startups, others are global leaders, with dedicated fraud prevention teams of up to 10 people.

Online Fraud 101-Travel Edition

In this second instalment of our beginner’s introduction to fraud, we focus on the challenges faced by the travel industry.

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