Device Fingerprinting

The Device Fingerprint tool collects thorough insight about the devices associated to a user. Account takeovers and multiple account signups can easily be avoided by applying the Device Fingerprinting module.

Accurate Device Identification

The device fingerprinting module is able to accurately identify returning visitors based on their previously used device. Even if the user deletes their browser and reinstalls it, the system still identifies the matching data-points.

Javascript Snippet and SDK

The Device Fingerprint tool collects the information using a lightweight JavaScript snippet or SDK embedded on the web platform or mobile application of our client.

Detection of Virtual Machines

The module is able to identify the use of any virtual machines, emulators or advanced fraud tools (e.g. AntiDetect, FraudFox, Multiloginapp).

Unique Hash Generation

Multiple hashes are generated using the accessible thousand of data points from the user's browser and device, which allows cross-browser device fingerprinting.

The Downsides of Shared Blacklists

In the market for a fraud prevention tool? You’ll look at various options. Compare providers. And you’ll soon notice most of them proudly offer shared blacklists as a strong selling point. The problem? It’s not always something you want.

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We Tried To Buy Travel Tickets on the Dark Web: Here’s What We Found

As developers of a fraud prevention tool, we have to know what we’re up against. It’s not enough to create a platform that reduces fraud by detecting patterns: we have to understand exactly how fraudsters operate.

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