Our REST APIs are simple to integrate, yet come with a deep-analysis that no other platforms deliver. We cover all the transaction information of the users we profile. Much less fraudulent users will get around your rules. We work with the lowest false positive rates compared to the current market players.

  • Chargeback prevention

    Any type of online business can face a high amount of chargeback fraud. With our platform, you can analyze all the information about a transaction and user behaviour that is possible to fetch. We provide help with setting your custom tailored rules through the use of our RuleConfigurator.

  • Account Abuse

    Make sure you won't lose any revenues by fraudulent users creating fake accounts or by taking over others accounts. We know how fraudsters think and work, so your system will be protected by our Proxy API, Email API and our Behavioral Science department.

  • Fast response

    Our responses are simple to integrate and to understand for developers and fraud managers. The scoring system always performs under 1000ms. We provide an accurate score from 0 to 100 based on the different data aspects that we monitor.

  • Hybrid scoring engine

    Our scores are calculated by the Rule Configurator and Machine Learning models which provides high catch rate and low false positives.

  • Rule Configurator

    With the help of our Rule Configurator, our clients can import and finetune all their rules in a simple way. This provides a total white-box solution.

  • Behaviour Analytics

    Our API can be implemented to different action points (e.g. login, account edit) to elimate sophisticated attacks like ATO caused by phishing.

  • Feedback data

    Our Label API collects the postback data from your payment gateway (e.g. authorized, chargeback) and we retrain our engine based on the new information.

  • Network of fraud patterns

    To provide the highest standard of fraud prevention, our clients share fraud patterns and analysis to ensure the most exact predictions.

  • Device Fingerprint

    Using our JavaScript based snippet we provide the highest standard of fingerprinting technologies, enabling our clients stop smart criminals.

  • Detailed investigation

    We aggregate data from many open sources to get a full picture of any email handle at a glance and provide an accurate fraud score.

  • Social media lookup

    Only based on the email address we can fetch profile info and check if it is registered to Facebook, Google+, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and Yahoo.

  • Quick analysis

    We verify and provide information like email creation date, real name, whois creation and update date, mailbox exist. No black-box algorithms.

  • Real-Time Data

    All information are 100% live, only real-time data. We don't pull anything from stale, potentially outdated databases.

  • Block malicious IP addresses

    We determine how likely an IP address is a proxy / VPN / hosting / bad IP using advanced mathematical and modern computing techniques.

  • Sophisticated detection

    Block TOR / VPN / proxies / malware and spyware / criminal netblocks / spiders / botnets / spammers and exploit scanners.

  • Prevent content abuse

    Spammers and trolls will try to bypass a ban by hiding their real IP address using proxies. Serve traffic and content to real users.

  • Reduce fake activity

    Proxy API helps you to reduce fake views, clicks, and activity that results in click fraud and view fraud. This also helps to prevent ATO.

Fully customizable clear-cut backend

A fraud product that is easy to use. Dashboard with full of widgets, wealthy data visualizations, geolocation maps with Google Street View integration, connected user diagrams, custom lists – all in a modern, fully customizable web interface. Your manual review time is reduced to almost zero.

Send us your historical data to set up preconfigured rules. Test your system with running manual queries. Export your data easily. No string attached with our trial period.